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Some considerations when positioning water tanks

Whether a water tank or water tanks are purchased for a business or a home, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account when positioning them on the property. The shape and size of the property as well as the intended use of the water tank or water tanks will play a […]

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jojo plastic water drums

Rain barrels for your garden

Rain barrels, or more commonly known as rainwater tanks in South Africa can be made from small plastic drums, oak barrels or any other suitable container. Most who start with a small rain barrel or drum soon see the benefits of rainwater harvesting and go on to install bigger water tanks – 5000 litres, 10000 […]

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rain water tanks

Video: Build your own rain barrel

 A video instruction on how to construct a simple rain barrel or rain water tank harvesting system. There are many variations of the ‘rain barrel’; this video will help those who wish to build a simple DIY rainwater harvesting system.  The size of the rain barrel or water tank can vary according to roof surface […]

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jojo water tanks for sale

Install water tanks for peace of mind

Installing a water tank or even a series of water tanks at a home or business not only allows rainwater harvesting and lowered water bills but it also ensures there is a back-up of reserve water in case of water supply outages. Water supply in the urban areas of South Africa varies from being relatively […]

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city water tanks water conservation

Will cities ever develop better water use strategies?

The question and answer dialogue below makes for some interesting and thought-provoking reading.  Although domestic water use pales in comparison to agriculture, industry and energy production, it is still smart to investing water conservation measures such as rain water tanks, in addition to adopting water-saving habits. If the definition of insanity is making the same […]

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chemical tanks south africa

What makes JoJo chemical tanks a great choice for chemical storage?

JoJo Tanks are widely known for their HDLPE (high density linear polyethylene) water tanks.  Some of the features that make JoJo water tanks one of the top choices in South Africa, also make the JoJo chemical tanks an excellent choice too. Here are some of the reasons why JoJo Tanks’ chemical tanks are industry leaders: […]

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fog water harvesting

Fog harvesting a valuable water resource

Across the world the need for water is growing rapidly and agriculture is by far the most intensive sector for consumption. But scientists say fog, one of the most plentiful supplies, could provide a renewable resource for millions, writes Colin Randall, Foreign Correspondent. Every cloud, or so children are taught in the English-speaking world, has […]

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Environmental Impact of Insecticides On Water Resources

Common practice for the monitoring of insecticides in water resources reveals shortcomings. This is shown by a current study conducted by the Landau-based Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Koblenz-Landau. Until now water samples have mostly been taken on fixed dates, for example once per month. However, insecticides enter water resources very irregularly […]

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Loughborough University wins ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ award from Gates Foundation

VIDEO: Loughborough University has won a prestigious prize in an international competition organised by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create a reinvented toilet that is clean, safe, durable and affordable for the poor and does not need to be connected to electricity or a sewer. This reinvented toilet should be appropriate for wealthy […]

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