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12 Steps to Creating a Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

While installing a water tank is the first step to harvesting rainwater, there is other hardware that should considered to improve the efficiency of the system. Installing these extra components also reduces water tank maintenance requirements. Here are 12 steps to creating a complete rainwater harvesting system: Check ROOF SURFACE is suitable for collecting quality rainwater. Install GUTTER […]

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How to repair plastic water storage tanks

The article below offers a guideline on how to repair damaged poly or plastic water tanks and assumes that one has access to a plastic welding machine. Guidelines on how to apply plastic welding to your damaged plastic water tank: 1. Drain the water from the plastic rainwater tank  or water tank so that the […]

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Video: How To Build A Simple Rainwater Collection System

The video below comprehensively demonstrates how a simple rainwater harvesting system can be constructed, using a rain barrel or small water tank and a few other items from the hardware store. We always recommend that larger water tanks be installed – a single rain barrel will fill up very quickly, sometimes within minutes during a […]

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Simple ways how to save & use rainwater

Rainwater harvesting systems need not be complicated or expensive but we always recommend installing larger water tanks as small tanks can fill up and overflow surprisingly quickly during a rain storm. Saving rainwater is like putting money in the bank. It’s free, and the more of it you use, the less often you have to […]

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Video: Rainwater Harvesting with Underground Water Tanks

A great video detailing the installation of a rainwater system that uses two underground water tanks connected together in series. In South Africa, JoJo Tanks manufacture a wide range of plastic water tanks suitable for rainwater harvesting, including their rugged 6000 liter underground water tanks that can even be installed under driveways. Click on the […]

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Do water tanks make life easier?

Whether the home is classified as a humble, low-income building or whether it is a mansion, in South Africa, a water tank or two can definitely ‘make life easier’. Many low-income households in South Africa typically rely on water collected from distant rivers or wells or at best, a communal water point where they may […]

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Tips on Safely Harvesting the Rain

In the US, ‘rain barrels’ are very popular but we recommend more substantial water tanks in South Africa, allowing useful quantities of rainwater to be captured and stored. The tips below are important to keep in mind when collecting rainwater for domestic use. • Make sure any  plastic or polyethylene rain water tanks are food-grade quality. […]

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first flush system for rain barrels

Video: DIY First Flush Diverter for Rainwater Tanks

Watch this video on an ingenious first flush diverter made from common hardware store materials and a water bottle. It also explains the importance of fitting a first flush system to your rain barrel or rain water tank. Need a a rainwater tank in South Africa? Check out the links below showing the various high […]

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Fundamentals of Rainwater Tank Harvesting Systems

The main and most important component of any rainwater or water storage system is the water tank but there are a number of other components that need to be considered, as outlined in the comprehensive article below. In many areas , a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can […]

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