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rainwater harvesting calculator

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator – South Africa

How much rainwater can you harvest from your rooftop? You need to know your rooftop surface area and local annual rainfall to calculate how much rainwater you can harvest. To calculate your rooftop surface area (approximately), use a tape measure or meter stick to measure a walking stride that is 1 meter in length. Then, […]

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water tanks for sale

Video: Part B – Water Tanks

This video discusses water tanks in detail, including types of water tanks as well as a general guide on how to choose the right sized water tank. See the video in Part A for information on the various accessories and equipment required for a rainwater harvesting system. We recommend high quality poly water tanks made […]

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10000 litre jojo tank

Quick tips for choosing a superior plastic water tank

There are so many brands of plastic or polyethylene water tanks available but one should choose carefully to ensure your poly water tank gives good service life and stores the water safely. Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right poly water tank: Check that the tank carry’s a manufacturer’s warranty or guaranty […]

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water tanks south africa

Water Tank Buyer’s Guide

Water tanks come in a huge range of types, sizes and materials; the article below briefly outlines some facts and tips. When you choose a new water tank, you should look for one that is cost-effective yet of good quality and with a reasonably long service lifespan. Water tanks are used for storing drinking water, […]

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water tanks sale south africa

5 points to consider when choosing between poly water tank brands

In South Africa, there are a number of plastic water tank manufacturers – ranging from very poor quality to excellent. Please do not choose a polyethylene water tank based on price alone; here are some points to consider: 1. Price: Naturally, especially in these difficult economic times, price is important but it should not be […]

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water tanks for sale

Ways to prevent algae growth in water tanks

Algae growth in water tanks can become a problem, especially in hot climates. Algae in a water tank is not only a nuisance but can affect the water quality (taste and safety). Here are some ways to inhibit or slow down algae growth in water tanks: Probably the most important and effective tip is to […]

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rain tanks south africa

Video: Types of water tanks & sizing considerations

This video discusses the types or water tanks available as well as some guidelines on how to size a water tank for your requirements. Although the video is Australian, the principles remain the same wherever in the world you are. In South Africa, we recommend water tanks & rainwater tanks made by JoJo Tanks. JoJo […]

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jojo tank

What makes a good polyethylene water tank?

When it comes to polyethylene or ‘plastic’ water tanks, there are quite a few brands available in South Africa but the quality can vary widely. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best poly water tank you can: Brand A well-known brand of water tank that has been on the market for 20 […]

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water tenks

10 Reasons To Buy A Water Tank

In South Africa, water scarce nation where water issues are increasingly serious, there shouldn’t really be a need for much convincing when it comes to water tanks. However, here are 10 great reasons to install a water tank. Water tanks can save you money if used for storing rain water for domestic and commercial purposes Having a water […]

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