• Is there a guarantee on JoJo water tanks and other JoJo products?

All JoJo Tanks products carry a 5-year guarantee.*All JoJo Tanks polyethylene tanks and products now carry a 8 year warranty (on tanks purchased on or after 1 July 2013)*

  • How much do JoJo water tanks, tank stands and other products cost and do you have a price list?

Our water tank prices are highly competitive; contact us for a quote or see our JoJo product price list.

  • Does the price include delivery and where can you deliver water tanks to?

In many cases, especially for multiple orders, the cost of delivery is included in the price but this depends on your location.  Currently, JoJo only deliver to business/commercial/public addresses or sites in South Africa.  Access roads to the delivery address must be good for long 22m delivery trucks.

  • How long will it take for the water tanks to be delivered?

This depends on your location, number & type of tanks that you have ordered.  Generally, JoJo Tanks will deliver tanks within 7-10 working days, with a maximum of 14 working days from the date of cleared payment.  JoJo steel tank stands can have a lead time of up to 21 business days from date of cleared payment (tank stands are often made to order).

  • Do multiple orders qualify for discounts and special rates?

Yes, please request a quote.  We will always try to beat any authentic written quotations that are faxed or emailed to us.  The more water tanks or tank stands ordered, the greater the discount will be.  Our standard prices are already below JoJo’s recommended retail price so multiple orders can result in big savings.  All our prices include VAT.

  • Do you do installations of tanks and tank stands?

No, not at this stage.  We supply and deliver tanks, tank stands and other JoJo Tanks products only.  Our engineer-certified and built steel tank stands can be supplied with installation instructions.  Any person with some building/construction experience should be able to install the tank stands without any problem.

  • What does ‘SG’ or Specific Gravity mean when it comes to water tank description?

Specific gravity is defined as the ratio of the density of a given solid or liquid substance to the density of water molecules at a specific temperature and pressure, typically at 4 °C (39 °F) and 1 atmosphere unit (atm) (760.00 mmHg). Specific gravity is a dimensionless quantity. Specific gravity is an expression of the weight of a substance relative to the weight of an equal volume of water. Water has a specific gravity of one. Substances with a specific gravity greater than one are denser than water, and so (ignoring surface tension effects) will sink in it, and those with a specific gravity of less than one are less dense than water, and so will float in it.

When considering which plastic tank to use, it is important to know that they are rated based on the “specific gravity” (SG) of the substance they are designed to hold. In other words, tanks with a higher specific gravity rating will have thicker walls and will be designed for heavier duty use when compared to another tank made from the same material but with a lower specific gravity.

JoJo tanks are specifically designed for each intended purpose and it is necessary to specify the intended use prior to making a purchase.  Different chemicals (and solutions thereof) require different chemical tanks; the medium duty chemical tank (SG 1.4) and the heavy duty chemical tank (SG 1.6) will be recommended depending on the exact liquid to be stored in the chemical tanks.  Chemical tanks of higher SG can be special-ordered on request.

  • What is the general temperature limit for JoJo polyethylene tanks?

Temperatures of stored water or liquids should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius for prolonged periods.

  • Are JoJo steel tank stands galvanised?

JoJo steel tank stands are not galvanised but are supplied with a red oxide anti-rust primer coating

  • What size water tanks are the steel tank stands made for?

There are two classes of JoJo steel water tank stands available: tank stands for tanks up to and including the 5000 litre vertical water tank and tank stands for tanks up to and including 10000 litre vertical water tanks.  These are supplied in kit form, ready to bolt together and are available in the following heights 1.5m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m and 9m.

  • Are double water tank stands available?

No, if twin water tanks need to be elevated, two separate JoJo water tank stands will need to be installed side-by-side.

  • Are JoJo water tank stands supplied with a ladder?

At this stage JoJo water tank stands are not supplied with a ladder.  The demand for ladders is low and JoJo have decided not to supply a ladder with the tank stand kit to keep costs competitive.

  • Are JoJo steel water tank stands designed and certified by an engineer?

Yes, JoJo steel water tank stands are designed, certified and built by a registered structural engineer.  Each size class and height of JoJo steel tank stand has an engineer’s design certificate with specifications and technical drawings are also available on request.

  • How much rainwater can I harvest from my roof?

  • Are JoJo Tanks water tanks UV-resistant?

Yes, all JoJo Tanks polyethylene water tanks are manufactured with high quality, UV-resistant materials to ensure years of excellent service life.