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Video: Budget rainwater harvesting system & water tank

This is an excellent practical explanation of a budget rainwater harvesting system and plastic water tank. The video shows just how easily (and cheaply) water can be directed to a poly water tank; ideal for rural areas around the world and especially for water scarce South Africa. If you are in South Africa, see more […]

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Harvesting Rainwater in the City

Although this article is about rainwater harvesting and rain water tanks in Australia, it is pertinent to South Africa which has a similar climate and is classified as a water scarce country. Like the current electricity load shedding in South Africa, water outages are bound to become more common as infrastructure fails and endemic corruption […]

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6 Steps to Designing a Rainwater Harvesting System

The principles of designing a rainwater harvesting system with a water tank or rain barrel can be applied worldwide. Simple rainwater tank systems can be designed and installed by anyone with some DIY skills. More complex systems may require professional assistance. The article below is a good start for anyone thinking of designing and installing […]

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Video: Large-scale modular underground rainwater harvesting tank

Underground water tanks and underground water storage systems are sometimes preferable to above-ground water storage tanks. This video documents the installation of a large modular underground rainwater harvesting tank. Watch the entire installation process of a 30,000 gallon modular, underground rainwater collection system. These modular units are constructed onsite, wrapped with layers of geotextile fabric […]

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9 Ways to Save Water at Work

Water saving habits and water conservation systems such as rain water tanks, are not only for home but should be embraced at work too. Many businesses have buildings with huge roof surface areas, ideal for harvesting rainwater. A number of large water tanks – 10000 litre tanks, 15000 litre tanks or even 20000 litre tanks […]

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Video: Backyard rain water tanks & first flush filters

This video shows the ¬†basics of rain water tanks with a diy first flush diverter in action while it is raining. Rain water tank systems need not be sophisticated nor expensive to install however it is good advice to install the biggest water tank that space and budget allows. A single heavy downpour can result […]

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Video: Rain barrel rainwater irrigation system

This video shows good detail of a rainwater harvesting system that is rigged up for drip irrigation. If one desires using rainwater for other uses, we recommend installation larger rain water tanks to store as much rainwater as possible. Using rainwater for irrigation is preferable to chemical-laden municipal water – your plants will grow more […]

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Why It Is Essential to Keep a Water Tank in Your Backyard

Here are some compelling reasons to install water tank or two on your property.¬† Water tanks can be extremely useful for pretty much any household, regardless of whether you have a house that is small or large. Its benefits can be quite obvious: You can make fresh water available for much more than you think, […]

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Video: Make a rain barrel with a plastic drum

Rain barrels can be made from a variety of receptacles; here a food-grade plastic drum is used. Plastic tanks and drums are generally preferred over steel tanks as they do not rust and are easier to transport, install and maintain. Where possible we recommend installing bigger water tanks as these small drums overflow very quickly. […]

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