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jojo tanks

A clever alternative to rain water tanks

In a world that is becoming ever more water scarce, innovations such as this alternative to water tanks and rainwater tanks are sorely needed. Rainwater harvesting just took on new possibilities, thanks to one Randy Young, from Tucson Arizona. He and his team have developed a wall (Wall 2.0) that functions as a rainwater harvesting […]

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water tenke

Different water storage tanks & options compared

This comprehensive and well-written article is a must-read if you are trying to decide between the various water tank options available for rainwater harvesting system or other storage application. The many materials that water tanks can be made from have their pros and cons. Generally polyethylene or ‘plastic’ water tanks are suited for most applications, […]

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Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds

A do-it-yourself guide to designing, building, and maintaining water tanks, cisterns and ponds, and managing groundwater storage. It will help you with your independent water system, fire protection, and disaster preparedness, at low cost and using principles of ecological design. Includes how to make ferrocement water tanks. Water Storage shows how to make your storage—and […]

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water storage drums

Emergency Preparedness: Water Storage Tips

Rainwater harvesting tanks are also a great way of ensuring reserve water is available during water supply cuts & emergencies. Ensure that your water tanks are rated to store potable water and manufactured with an inner anti-algae lining too. Store at least one gallon (or +- 4 litres) of water per person, per day in […]

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rainwater tanks

Why installing a rain water tank is good for the environment

There are many reasons to harvest rainwater and install water tanks, including saving money on your water bills. Here’s why rainwater tanks are also good for the environment. Rainwater harvesting tanks on a property positively affects the environment in the following ways: By harvesting rainwater and storing it in rainwater tanks, a household or business […]

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under ground tanks

A case for poly underground water storage tanks

Underground water tanks are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Due to the excavation requirements, it is easier to install underground water tanks during the construction phase of a home/development but they can still be installed at existing properties. Here are a few advantages of underground water tanks: Space: Where space is at a premium, […]

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poly water tanks

Poly water tanks for commercial purposes

Plastic water tanks have many applications for industrial and commercial purposes – from simple water storage to being an integral part of an industrial process. Generally, larger water tanks are required compared to domestic applications. Water tanks in the 10000 litre, 15000 litre and 20000 litre range are usually the best option (these larger water […]

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water tanks for sale

Do water tanks make life easier?

Whether the home is classified as a humble, low-income building or whether it is a mansion, in South Africa, a water tank or two can definitely ‘make life easier’. Many low-income households in South Africa typically rely on water collected from distant rivers or wells or at best, a communal water point where they may […]

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water tanks africa

Can water tanks really save you money?

This is a broad question but the short answer is a definite yes! How much money water tanks can save is dependent on the situation and a number of factors. Here are some instances where water tanks can save money (and hassle). Water tanks as backup water storage facilities. This is where water tanks are […]

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