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Video: Rainwater Harvest Tank with Filtering System

This video shows a simple rainwater harvesting system with a drum water filter and a rain water tank. It is a good example of how a basic, relatively inexpensive rainwater tank system can be installed by the DIY enthusiast. Rainwater is suitable for drinking as long as it is properly filtered. The video above shows […]

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A brief guide to water filter cartridges

If you harvest rainwater, you can drink the water from your rain water tanks but the water must be appropriately filtered – the article below briefly describes the qualities of some common water filter types. If you intend drinking rainwater, it is also important to ensure that you purchase water tanks that are rated for […]

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Video: The BioSand Water Filter

Biosand water filters are one of the many ways of ensuring safe drinking water, whether it is rainwater from your rain water tank or water from another source. The video below describes how a biosand filter works. Biosand water filters are simple in design and those people with some DIY skills should have no problem […]

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Video: How to Build Your Own Water Filter

Watch this video for instruction on how to make a highly effective water filter system which may be useful for purifying water from your rain water tanks. JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of products such as plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need, including silo tanks and silo tank […]

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Video: Simple DIY water filter

Where there may be chance of bacterial or microbial contamination, boiling the water in addition to filtering is a good idea. Rainwater is naturally pure but can be contaminated once it reaches the collection surface; be sure to filter and purify rainwater from your rain water tanks before drinking. Homemade Water Filter, DIY water filtration, […]

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VIDEO: Slow sand water filter for rainwater harvesting tanks

If rainwater from rain water tanks is to be used for potable purposes, it should always be filtered and/or purified. Sand filters are one way of cleaning water from rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater tanks; watch this video of a DIY rainwater filtration system. Always choose high quality water tanks for storing rainwater and other […]

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Water Filters & Contaminants – what type of protection do you need?

Even rainwater in rain water tanks could be contaminated by bird droppings on the roof and other contaminants in the gutters and it should be appropriately filtered if the water tanks are used to supply potable water. Water contaminants can be broken down into four categories:  Taste and odor causing contaminants, rust/sediment, bacteria/parasites and lead. […]

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Do I Need A Water Filter?

There has never been a greater need for better sources of healthy water than exists today. Our tap water can be contaminated with synthetic chemicals, toxic heavy metals, parasites, chlorination by-products, rust from pipes and literally thousands of health threatening compounds. Rainwater from rain water tanks is usually of good quality (rainwater is generally pure […]

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Everyone should consider filtering water before drinking it

We are not only recommending filtering water from boreholes, dams/rivers, rain water , water tanks or water reservoirs but also municipal water…here’s why Many people seem to think that water supplied by municipalities is pure and ‘safe’ to drink but this is not necessarily the case!  In South Africa, municipal water varies in quality and […]

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