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What is Raw Water, and is it healthy?

Devotees claim that raw or “live” water taken directly from its natural source has a whole host of health benefits, thanks to the presence of mineral compounds and probiotics. But what about harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses, and the risk of infection? “We’ve spent generations of science and effort to try and protect people from drinking raw water. […]

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Is water from water tanks safe to drink?

This question is obviously very broad and needs to be qualified; it all depends on the source of water that is being stored in the water tanks as well as the type of water tanks under consideration. Type of water tank where water is stored The type of water tank, more specifically what the water […]

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what kinds of chemicals are in municipal water

What Kinds of Chemicals Are in Your Tap Water?

As this article suggests, municipal water and bottled water are not necessarily ‘safe’ to drink. Why not consider rainwater harvesting and installing rain water tanks?  This means that you have direct control of your domestic water supply and if used for drinking, rainwater from the water tanks can be appropriately filtered using a home water […]

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rain water harvesting instead of bottled water

Bottled water in China less safe than tap water

Bottled water in many countries has, in some cases, been proven to be potentially dangerous to drink and the pollution/landfill issues with used plastic water bottles are a major concern. Rainwater harvesting and rain water tanks may be the answer if you cannot trust the tap water and choose not to support bottled water companies […]

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5 Situations in Which Water Purification is a Must

There are still parts of the world in which simply taking a drink out of a stream or even a faucet is a totally normal and safe thing to do. Unfortunately, the number of places where that is true is shrinking every day. This doesn’t automatically mean that every bit of water you want to […]

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Top Water Purification Tablets on the Market

Whether you are into backpacking and camping or you want to harvest rainwater as a way to go green, water purification tablets can be used to ensure the safety of the water you drink. In days gone by, streams and other waterways were considered safe to drink from. But nowadays, most water is contaminated with […]

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cleaning water storage tanks

Saudi Arabia: ‘Water tanks need cleaning’

Citizens here have urged the government to introduce regulations to force landlords to clean water tanks on the roofs of their residential buildings, according to a local newspaper. They complained that the tanks contain dirty water, parasites and insects. The impurities were coming through their taps, they added. They said the tanks should be cleaned […]

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Water pollution crisis in China

According to one report, “up to 40 percent of China’s rivers were seriously polluted” and “20 percent were so polluted their water quality was rated too toxic even to come into contact with.” In recent weeks, Chinese and western media have been all atwitter over the shocking levels of air pollution in Beijing and a […]

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Chlorinated tap water linked to food allergies

Researchers claim to have found chlorine to be one of the causes in rising numbers of people with food allergies. Chlorine is a chemical element with the highest electron affinity and it has the third highest electronegativity of all the elements. For this reason, chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent. It is a highly efficient […]

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