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rainwater harvesting calculator

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator – South Africa

How much rainwater can you harvest from your rooftop? You need to know your rooftop surface area and local annual rainfall to calculate how much rainwater you can harvest. To calculate your rooftop surface area (approximately), use a tape measure or meter stick to measure a walking stride that is 1 meter in length. Then, […]

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JoJo Tanks installation guide (infographic)

Here is a fun and informative infographic from JoJo Tanks in South Africa. DIY installation of water tanks and rainwater tanks is relatively simple. Source: JoJo Tanks (South Africa) If you are in South Africa, click on the links below for more information about JoJo Tanks products. JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of […]

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jojo tanks and miss earth

Miss Earth & JoJo Tanks join forces

“As an ambassador for our environment, climate change issues as well as water and food security, it brings me great joy to be part of a project such as this one during our National Environment Month (June). I believe it is because of such events and collaborations that we are able to highlight the important […]

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water tank for small garden

JoJo Water Tanks for Small Gardens

JoJo Slimline water tanks are 750 litres in capacity and ideal for small gardens or where space is limited. Whether you need water tanks for a greywater system, rainwater harvesting or any other reason, we recommend water tanks and other products manufactured by JoJo Tanks; click on the links below for more information. JoJo Tanks South […]

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water tank south africa

Benefits of using rainwater for cleaning purposes

The guest post below outlines some of the many benefits of harvesting rainwater. We always recommend that home owners install larger water tanks where possible; small ‘rain barrels’ do not store much rainwater and soon overflow during a good rainfall event. Water is an essential part of our world, it defines not only our existence […]

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rainwater tanks

Fundamentals of Rainwater Tank Harvesting Systems

The main and most important component of any rainwater or water storage system is the water tank but there are a number of other components that need to be considered, as outlined in the comprehensive article below. In many areas , a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can […]

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rain water tanks

Water tanks for emergency preparedness

In a world of ever-increasing natural and man-made catastrophes as well as conflict, it is a good idea, at the very least, to ensure that you and your family have probably the most important resource in reserve – water.  A water tank or a few rain barrels installed on the property could be the difference […]

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jojo water tanks

Choosing water tanks: What makes JoJo Tanks different?

When it comes to choosing a water tank, chemical tank or other type of tank, it is important to consider the cost vs quality.  When it comes to water tanks, you get what you pay for; here are some reasons why you should choose JoJo Tanks products, made in South Africa. The JoJo Tanks brand […]

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jojo water tanks for sale

JoJo Tanks Products – Tips & Information

Here are some tips and information about JoJo water tanks and the various other JoJo Tanks products available in South Africa. Tank fittings JoJo vertical water tanks come standard with 40mm connectors at the bottom and 40mm inlet/overflow fittings at the top. JoJo vertical chemical tanks come standard with 50mm connectors at the bottom. Water […]

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