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Rainwater Harvesting Calculator – South Africa

How much rainwater can you harvest from your rooftop? You need to know your rooftop surface area and local annual rainfall to calculate how much rainwater you can harvest. To calculate your rooftop surface area (approximately), use a tape measure or meter stick to measure a walking stride that is 1 meter in length. Then, […]

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Water tanks in an industrial setting

Not many people think of water tanks for catching rainwater in industrial settings but in a water scarce country like South Africa, businesses should consider installing rain water tanks. Here are some reasons why businesses with factories or warehouses should harvest rainwater and install water tanks: Many factory buildings are large and have a big […]

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Uses of rainwater from your rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks have historically been used as an essential means of supplying drinking water in many rural and remote parts of the world. The location, style, construction and use of rainwater tanks have changed significantly over time. The use of rainwater tanks has become a major strategy to enhance water conservation, reduce the burden of […]

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Eight Principles of Successful Rainwater Harvesting

Whether you intend harvesting rainwater in water tanks or harvesting it for groundwater rejuvenation or rain gardens, the principles outlined below are important. 1. Begin with long and thoughtful observation.Use all your senses to see where the water flows and how. What is working, what is not? Build on what works. 2. Start at the top (highpoint) […]

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Fundamentals of Rainwater Tank Harvesting Systems

The main and most important component of any rainwater or water storage system is the water tank but there are a number of other components that need to be considered, as outlined in the comprehensive article below. In many areas , a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can […]

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Western Cape: Kleinmond-harvested rainwater not fit for human consumption

The article below serves as a reminder that if rainwater from water tanks is to be used for drinking, it must be adequately purified.  Rainwater is naturally pure and probably the healthiest water to drink before it reaches the collection surface.  Once it is channelled through pipes and gutters, it can be contaminated by debris […]

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Rainwater harvesting reduces dependence on municipal water

A great article on how to make a simple, inexpensive rainwater harvesting system.  We always recommend installing more water storage capacity than you think you need as it is surprising how quickly a thunder shower can fill even a large 10000 litre water tank! Some states in the US have restrictions on rainwater harvesting, fortunately […]

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When it rains, harvest the rainwater!

Whether you are in the US or Africa or anywhere that has potential water supply issues, harvest the rain and store it in rain water tanks. As the article below mentions, it need not be complex but the sky is the limit! Rainwater is free – harvest it! Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as […]

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Couple turns to rainwater harvesting due to health issues

This article is a great example of how rainwater harvesting can ensure a household never runs out of water and the health benefits of using rainwater are clear too.  Another point that this article touches on is storage capacity – serious rainwater harvesters know that sufficient size and quantity of water tanks is important, especially […]

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