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Chlorinated tap water linked to food allergies

Researchers claim to have found chlorine to be one of the causes in rising numbers of people with food allergies. Chlorine is a chemical element with the highest electron affinity and it has the third highest electronegativity of all the elements. For this reason, chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent. It is a highly efficient […]

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What about a bamboo water bottle?

After the big BPA scare of aught nine I decided to switch from using my Nalgene bottle, just to be on the safe side. Normally I’m not one to throw away perfectly good water bottles willy-nilly just because I heard that something might possibly be not the healthiest. At least, not without reading the research […]

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Is It True That Farmers Feed Antibiotics To Livestock To Make Them Grow Faster?

I always thought the ‘it makes them grow faster’ reasoning for why they put antibiotics in animal feed was a myth and that the truth was more complex. Farmers found they could crowd animals while keeping disease levels down – giving consistently higher meat and dairy production – if they constantly laced the feed with […]

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Climate Change Is Making Food Less Safe

While there has been extensive research on the effects of climate change on food security, less well-known is the effect of climate change on food safety. But new evidence suggests that climate change is already putting the safety of our food at risk, and that things are only going to get worse. Food security and […]

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