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Rainwater tank installation info & tips

This article about the various components of a rainwater harvesting system and information about tanks & installation is useful for all contemplating collecting this free resource, rainwater. What plumbing needs to be done? A plumber will be able to give you some great advice about water tanks, such as the best location and size. You […]

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Where should you locate your water tank?

Siting your water tank or rainwater tank is an important decision and can impact on installation cost. It will also determine the size and type of water tank that you should choose. Underground water tanks are great where space is limited (as the article below points out) but installation costs can be quite high. To […]

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Polyethylene Water Tank Installation Tips

Polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly water tanks) are generally the easiest and most convenient type of water storage tank to install. The article below provides some useful tips for those who want to install a poly rain water tank. Water storage tanks are an excellent addition to any home, regardless of the climate […]

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New! JoJo Tanks’ base ring foundation installation

A step-by-step guide on how to install the new JoJo Tanks ring base. This installation is ideal where height is not required for water pressure. If pressure is needed then either pumps can be installed or the water tanks can be installed on tank stands. 1. Two items are required for the JoJo Tanks base […]

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Thinking of installing a rain water tank? Some important factors to consider

This article written about rainwater tanks is in the Australian context. Fortunately there are not as many rules and regulations when it comes to rainwater tanks & harvesting in South Africa. Contrary to what the article states, rainwater from your rainwater tank can be used for drinking water but it must be filtered first. Similar […]

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Water Tank Installation Guidelines & Tips

Water tank installation guidelines for polyethylene or plastic water tanks may vary slightly between different manufacturers and should be checked. The article below is a fairly generic guideline on installing poly rainwater tanks for domestic use. Site Preparation There are several factors that will determine the most appropriate location of your rain water tank.¬†First walk […]

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Video: Part A – Installing a rain water tank & ancillaries

This video shows the various components of a rain water tank harvesting system as well as some useful construction and maintenance tips. See Part B of the video for a detailed discussion on water tanks. We recommend high quality poly water tanks made by JoJo Tanks in South Africa. Click on the links below to […]

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DIY Rainwater Tank Installation Tips

Believe it or not, the average roof of a home can collect up to 600 gallons of water for just an inch of rainfall. You can do a whole lot to keep that water from going to waste, such as making a good rainwater collection system paired with a rainwater tank for your convenience. It […]

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Water Tank Installation Tips

Installing a rainwater tank or a water tank for storing reserve municipal water is a good idea, especially in water scarce countries like South Africa. The article below offers some water tank installation tips and other useful information. Installing a sturdy rainwater tank can be a great way of making sure you have one of […]

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