Can water tanks really save you money?

This is a broad question but the short answer is a definite yes! How much money water tanks can save is dependent on the situation and a number of factors.

water tanks save money
Here are some instances where water tanks can save money (and hassle).

  • Water tanks as backup water storage facilities. This is where water tanks are simply used as a reserve storage for  existing water supply, whether it is municipal, borehole, dam water or water from other sources. Should your normal supply of water be interrupted, the backup water in the water tanks can be switched over to supply a home or business until the normal water supply is restored. This could save money in that you will not have to employ the services of a water bowser or buy water elsewhere. The capacity of the water tanks will determine the length of time you will be water self-sufficient for.
  • Do you live ‘off grid’? How do you obtain your water? If you can harvest rainwater and store it in water tanks, you will have no need to pay for the regular services of a water bowser.
  • Connected to municipal water? Integrate a rainwater harvesting system and use captured rainwater for just about all your needs (including drinking water if properly filtered). Depending on local rainfall conditions, roof surface area & type, as well as number and size of water tanks, sometimes a household can become totally independent of municipal water. This will save you significant amounts on your water bill.
  • How much municipal water do you use to irrigate your lawn and garden? This can amount to a significant portion of your monthly water bill – use rainwater for irrigation and lower your water bill (plants also respond well to rainwater compared to chemical-laden municipal water).
  • Need to fill up your swimming pool for the summer? Harvest and collect free rainwater in rainwater tanks to save on your water bill (the thousands of litres of municipal required to fill a standard swimming pool is not cheap!).
  • Save on your medical bills. It has been proven that chemicals such as chlorine in municipal water can be the cause of ill health. Even bathing or showering in municipal water results in chlorine compounds being absorbed into the body through the skin. Rainwater is naturally pure and free of chemicals although it should be filtered if used for drinking water (in case any contaminants have been picked up from the roof and/or gutters).

Financial savings of water tanks are sometimes difficult to quantify but the peace of mind (and reduction of stress) during a water supply outage is invaluable. Water tanks, whether simply used as extra storage for municipal water or connected to rainwater harvesting systems, will always increase the value of a property, especially in South Africa where water scarcity is a reality.

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