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Five Water Storage Tips Everyone Should Know

Choosing the right water tank or storage container is is very important if the water stored is to be used for potable purposes. Polyethylene water tanks are popular in South Africa but be sure to choose high quality poly tanks that are certified for storing water for human consumption. Tip #1 Know Your Containers Not […]

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Is water from water tanks safe to drink?

This question is obviously very broad and needs to be qualified; it all depends on the source of water that is being stored in the water tanks as well as the type of water tanks under consideration. Type of water tank where water is stored The type of water tank, more specifically what the water […]

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Northern Algeria suffering from recurring water shortages

The mountainous district of Bouzeguène, situated in northern Algeria’s Kabylie region, has been suffering from recurring water shortages, much to the anger of local residents. Our Observer points the finger at an obsolete pipe system and poor management by the state company in charge of water distribution.

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Convert your unused swimming pool to a natural pool, save money

Even as a kid taking a dip in a friend’s swimming pool, Derek Spielman would think about how it would be much better if it was full of turtles. Now his own backyard swimming pool is one of 50 on Sydney’s north shore that have been turned into ponds, saving thousands of dollars on power […]

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South Sudan: ICRC installs water infrastructure, water tanks

The ICRC launched a project in September to strengthen the existing water distribution network, including water tanks for storage, in Yusuf Batil refugee camp, one of four camps in Maban county, close to the Sudanese border, and the worst hit by water shortages. Some 37,000 people have found refuge in Yusuf Batil. The ICRC is […]

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Two thirds of USA struggling with water shortages, drought

The worst drought in more than half a century baked more than two thirds of the continental United States this summer and its harsh effects continue to plague the parched cities and towns of the Great Plains. Ask the 94,000 people of San Angelo, Texas who are running out of water. Fast.

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Prevent Rainwater From Stagnating

The management of rainwater is an increasingly important priority for counties and municipalities across the United States. Impermeable surfaces such as roofs and driveways, and the poor water absorption of manicured lawns, lead to storm water running into waterways, bringing pollutants with it.

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Clean Water Project – Coke & Segway Inventor Team Up

NEW YORK, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Coca-Cola Co plans to deliver and operate water purification systems in rural parts of the developing world, working with the inventor of the Segway transportation device in a project that will also help further Coke’s sustainability targets.

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Australia: Recycled stormwater to secure water supply

A NEW scheme to save water could help prevent harbour pollution as well as provide an ongoing water supply for Sydney, experts say. The plans, being discussed at a national water conference, would involve harvesting and recycling stormwater for non-drinking purposes.

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