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South Africa losing huge quantities of water

South Africa’s water infrastructure is ind dire need of upgrading and maintenance.  Corrupt and inept officials combined with water theft only exacerbate water scarcity in the country.  Citizens must engage in water conservation practices and invest in water-saving systems such as greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting.  A few rain water tanks can save a household […]

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How to save water in public washrooms and toilets

This article mentions some great practical tips to reduce water usage. Public buildings usually have large roof surface areas ideal for rainwater harvesting – a few rain water tanks could further save water and money too.  Unfiltered rainwater can be used for flushing toilets and urinals. If rainwater from rain water tanks is to be […]

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More water conservation tips for the home

In addition to the water saving tips listed below, homeowners should also consider installing rain water tanks and grey water recycling systems.  A few water tanks on a property will allow rainwater and municipal water to be stored to supplement normal water supply and reduce water bills. 1. Check taps and pipes for leaks A […]

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Save water and electricity in your bathroom

The bathroom is one in room in the home that offers the most potential to save both water and electricity. If you fit your bathroom out cleverly, over time, you can save thousands of Rand on your water and lights bill. You don’t need to overhaul your entire bathroom to do this – just substitute […]

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Innovations That Could Change The Way We Use Water

From pulling water from fog to saving fuel used to boil water, these three companies are the finalists of a contest to change the way we use our most precious resource. It’s impossible to overstate the value of water. Without it, we’d be dead.

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Water Facts & Tips From JoJo Tanks South Africa

Water Facts Some 1.1 billion people, or 18 % of the word’s population, lack access to safe drinking water, and over 2.4 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation.

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Top water saving tips at home

Every little bit of water you save eases the strain on our water sources, saves you money and helps the environment. The graph below shows where water is used. There are many ways you can save water in your home. We’ve listed several quick and easy hints that will help you save water:

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How can water tanks boost your property value?

Water tanks or rainwater tanks add value to properties Water scarcity is a growing problem around the world. Many governments have imposed water restrictions in order to force people to practice water conservation. Extreme droughts have become common in recent times and increasing numbers of property owners have come to accept the idea of installing water […]

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South Africa’s winemakers use technology to cut power & water costs

South Africa’s wine producers are increasingly using modern wine-making technology in a bid to reduce power and water costs, says winemaker Johan Weidenman of Spruitdrift, in the Olifants River wine district. Weidenman said his winery had spent about R18m importing new grape-crushing machines from Germany. The machines reduced the process by at least three steps, […]

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