How can water tanks boost your property value?

Water tanks or rainwater tanks add value to properties

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Water tanks and rainwater tanks can boost the value of a property

Water scarcity is a growing problem around the world. Many governments have imposed water restrictions in order to force people to practice water conservation. Extreme droughts have become common in recent times and increasing numbers of property owners have come to accept the idea of installing water tanks in their homes and places of work as a necessity.  So how can water tanks boost property values?

A rainwater system for collecting rainwater and storing it in water tanks saves money on water bills.  Rainwater can be used for watering lawns and gardens, laundry, cleaning cars, filling up swimming pools, and even for drinking purposes if appropriately filtered.  Installation of large water tanks (such as water tanks with capacities of 10000 litres and up) will ensure that there is enough rainwater for irrigation and other uses during dry periods or water restrictions.

Lawns and gardens are very important to the value of a property.  Rainwater tanks (or water tanks for storing water from other sources) will ensure that the appearance of the lawn/garden is maintained, even during dry periods, resulting in maintaining or increasing the value of the property.  Underground water tanks can be installed under driveways or lawns if space is an issue.

Properties with ‘green credentials’ are often valued higher than similar properties that don’t have any.  Properties without water conservation systems in place are often placed at a distinct advantage in today’s eco-savvy market.

In summary, here are some reasons why a property’s value will increase due to the presence of water tanks:

1. Rainwater is free and thus water bills are reduced.  Any reduction in utility bills is always appreciated by prospective property buyers;

2. Rainwater (or municipal and/or borehole water) stored in water tanks on the property will ensure that gardens and lawns will still look good, even in times of drought, adding to the property’s desirability;

3. Water restrictions will have little or no effect on the homeowner/business owner as a reserve supply of water for irrigation and other uses is available when required;

4. Added value to a property is effected by how ‘green’ or eco-friendly the building is.  Rainwater tanks are an immediate clue of ‘green credentials’ to the environmentally conscious property buyers of today.

Rainwater tanks will pay for themselves through the money saved on water bills and their cost will be recouped many times over when the property is sold.  It is important to choose a water tank that is of high quality and of a reputable brand so that the tank or tanks provide many years of trouble free service.  If you live in South Africa, click on the links below to find your ideal JoJo water tank, JoJo rainwater tank, JoJo tank stand or other JoJo Tanks product.

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