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4 New Year’s Water Resolutions

Four ideas for your consideration, posed as suggested ‘water resolutions’ for the New Year, 2013.

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Water Conservation in South Africa – Water is Life

Water is a remarkable substance – central to life, it feeds our nations, drives our industry, washes away our troubles, quenches our thirst, and brings beauty and pleasure into our lives. South Africa is a country that, contrary to belief, does not have an abundant supply of water and could well be described as a […]

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The Amazing Qualities of Water

Water is amazing. It occupies about 2/3rds of the Earth’s surface. It is the basis of life in many ways. It interacts with the atmosphere as a major cleanser of sorts. So how does it do it? Some water molecules split the difference between gas and liquid, a study in Nature shows. Air and water […]

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Exploring the Properties of Water

Water is the most common substance on the planet yet it has some very unusual characteristics.  Pure water is odourless and tasteless.  Water has a very simple atomic structure; water is composed of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen- making it a compound. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic or […]

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Earth’s Water Cycle Has Accelerated

Evidence that the world’s water cycle has already intensified is contained in research published in the American Journal of Climate.  The change in the water cycle means arid regions have become drier and high rainfall regions wetter as atmospheric temperature increases.  The study shows the surface ocean beneath rainfall-dominated regions has freshened, whereas ocean regions […]

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Assessing the true value of water in South Africa

As water resources in Southern Africa come under pressure from growing population, climate change and increasing industrial and agricultural use, economic accounting for water is among the tools that could aid better management. “Economic accounting for water (EAW) is a process of systematically measuring the contribution of water to the economy as well as the […]

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Know Your Groundwater

The subsurface water system can be divided into an unsaturated (vadose) zone that normally has air-filled spaces, and a saturated zone in which all available spaces are filled with groundwater.  Soil is an important component of the unsaturated zone, and the properties of a soil, especially its texture and structure, affect both its ability to […]

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Water – The Lifeblood of The Human Body

We all need water to live.  Humans can survive a month without food but only a week without water.  Why is water so important? Every cell from the simplest to the most complex one is made up mostly of water.  Exactly how much water you are made up of depends on your age.  Babies’ bodies […]

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Easter Water and Water in Religion: Part 1

  Water has a central place in the practices and beliefs of many religions for two main reasons.  Firstly, water cleanses.  Water washes away impurities and pollutants, it can make an object look as good as new and wipe away any signs of previous defilement. Water not only purifies objects for ritual use, but can […]

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