Eco-Friendly Bathroom Practices

eco friendly bathroom

An eco-friendly bathroom should not only save on water, but should avoid all harsh chemicals which are deadly to wildlife and eco-systems and aim to save energy. A geyser is often heated to far higher than necessary, wasting electricity used to heat the water inside. Reducing the temperature setting on a geyser saves electricity, as does using a geyser blanket which keeps the geyser heated with less energy.

There are a variety of organic cleaning products available which will clean a bathroom without expending harmful toxins into the water and environment. A simple way of preventing mildew is to install a fan above a bath or shower to remove excess moisture in a bathroom, eliminating the need to use heavy chemicals to remove the substance.

Bathroom cabinets should ideally be made of wheatboard, wheatstraw or other natural materials which do not contain a binding substance as these usually contain formaldehyde. Ceramic tiles for bathroom floors and to decorate the areas around the bath, shower and basin are eco-friendly, especially is made from recycled materials. Bamboo floors are also an eco-friendly option for bathroom flooring. A shower curtain made from fabric is far more environmentally friendly than a plastic curtain.

A grated cover over the plughole of a shower, bath and washbasin will prevent materials from becoming clogged in drains and avoiding the need to clear out blockages with extremely heavy corrosives which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Every individual living on the planet has a responsibility to help with the preservation of natural resources. A bathroom can be extremely taxing on the environment, and if each person instituted some eco-friendly practices into their bathroom, the world would save water, have less pollution and greater hope for the future.

Design need not be compromised, as many bathroom fitting specialists have turned their focus onto producing luxury, designer fittings that have a dual purpose: designer look and eco-friendly.

A little goes a very long way when people recycle grey water, purchase water conservation products and sustain eco-friendly bathrooms.

Source: Hansgrohe South Africa

Whilst attempting to avoid harmful chemical cleaning products, consider doing the same for your skin/hygiene practices. There are a wide range of eco-friendly and skin-friendly body products available (both locally and internationally), and it is becoming easier to make conscious eco-shopping choices! Visit & consider ePore ecodeodorant as just one example of how this is possible…

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Water conservation and renewable energy such as solar energy are two issues that affect the global community; make a difference and start conserving water and switch to renewable energy today.

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