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Advantages of plastic horizontal water tanks for water tankers & bowsers

Plastic horizontal tanks or transporter tanks can be a very good alternative to steel tanks mounted on water tankers or water bowsers; here are some advantages of plastic or polyethylene horizontal water tanks: Poly horizontal tanks are considerably less expensive than the typical steel cylindrical tanks seen on purpose-built bowsers The light weight of plastic […]

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horizontal transporter tanks

Water tanks for transporting water

Water tanks for transporting water are also known as horizontal water tanks in South Africa.  There are many reasons why water needs to be transported; here are some: Where municipal water supplies have failed, municipalities often use vehicle mounted horizontal tanks to transport water to where it’s needed Sometimes building sites do not have existing […]

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jojo horizontal tanks

10 Uses for portable JoJo horizontal tanks

JoJo Tanks (South Africa) manufacture a wide range of water tanks, chemical tanks, water tank stands and other products, including their range of portable, horizontal tanks.  JoJo horizontal tanks are also known as transporter tanks and can be used to store and transport water and other liquids for a number of purposes. JoJo horizontal tanks […]

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water tanks

Uses for Water Tanks

Water tanks can be used to store water for a wide range of uses and reasons. Whether the water tanks are filled with rain water, municipal water, borehole/well water, dam/river water or storing waste water (such as grey water), the purpose of water tanks is to store water for one or more of the following […]

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horizontal water storage tanks

Cleaning and disinfecting water tankers & water storage tanks

Introduction It is often necessary to quickly provide a basic water supply during and shortly after an emergency. This may be because the normal supply has been damaged or destroyed, or because people collect in a place where no water supply exists (a new refugee camp, for example). Often the quickest way of providing a […]

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Drought threatens millions in India

Mumbai – Millions of people in western India are suffering their worst drought in more than four decades, with critics blaming official ineptitude and corruption for exacerbating the natural water shortage. Central areas of Maharashtra state, of which Mumbai is the capital, are facing a water shortage worse than the severe drought in 1972, said […]

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South Africa: Water crisis outcry

Ermelo and surrounds have appealed to the cooperative governance and traditional affairs MEC Madala Masuku to assist them with water tankers. The municipality in Mpumalanga Province has been hit by a water crisis for some time, and now the residents’ patience is running thin.

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India: Rainwater harvesting makes sense

It is a familiar scene during summers in many urban areas. A municipal water tanker trundles into a neighbourhood, which has not received water in its taps for days. A mass of people promptly converge on it carrying buckets, pitchers, drums – anything that can carry water. While the rest queue up, amid much jostling, […]

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Northern Algeria suffering from recurring water shortages

The mountainous district of Bouzeguène, situated in northern Algeria’s Kabylie region, has been suffering from recurring water shortages, much to the anger of local residents. Our Observer points the finger at an obsolete pipe system and poor management by the state company in charge of water distribution.

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