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Choose water tanks for storing potable water carefully

When choosing a water tank intended for storing drinking water, buy a good quality, known brand name water tank to ensure your stored drinking water remains uncontaminated and safe to drink. Not all water tanks are made with storing drinking water in mind.  There are a bewildering number of types, sizes and brands available, ranging […]

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What Can Renters Do to Harvest Rain Water (Without Breaking the Law)?

Fortunately, in South Africa there are no such restrictions or laws governing rainwater harvesting or rain tanks, as there are in some states and counties in the US.  Should you be renting, your landlord may be very happy to cover part- or all of the cost of rain water tank installation as water conservation systems, […]

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10 Good reasons to install rain water tanks for rainwater harvesting

Thinking about buying water tanks for rainwater harvesting? Here are some more great reasons to install rainwater tanks at a home or office. 10 reasons to buy water tanks: Rain water tanks save money on water bills – domestic and irrigation Mains water supply interruptions can be mitigated by having a back-up supply of rainwater […]

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Match water tank size & type to intended use

There are so many water tank types and sizes on the market so it is important to choose the right water tank for the intended use.  Before even considering which type and size water tanks to look at, always shortlist tank brands based on quality, guarantees, availability and after sales service. Here are some suggestions […]

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Is water from water tanks safe to drink?

This question is obviously very broad and needs to be qualified; it all depends on the source of water that is being stored in the water tanks as well as the type of water tanks under consideration. Type of water tank where water is stored The type of water tank, more specifically what the water […]

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Uses for rainwater from rain water tanks

Rainwater harvesting in its simplest form comprises of a downspout from a roof gutter that directs rainwater into a rain barrel or water tank.  Rainwater from rain water tanks can be used for most domestic purposes including for drinking, if properly purified/filtered. Rainwater from your rain water tanks can be used for the following: Garden […]

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How are ‘Rotomoulded’ water tanks made?

Rotomoulding or rotational moulding  is a low pressure, high temperature plastic forming process that uses heat and biaxial rotation (i.e., angular rotation on two axes) to produce hollow, single-piece parts. Disadvantages are long production cycles —only one or two cycles per hour can typically occur, compared to other processes like injection molding, where parts can […]

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JoJo Tanks Products – Tips & Information

Here are some tips and information about JoJo water tanks and the various other JoJo Tanks products available in South Africa. Tank fittings JoJo vertical water tanks come standard with 40mm connectors at the bottom and 40mm inlet/overflow fittings at the top. JoJo vertical chemical tanks come standard with 50mm connectors at the bottom. Water […]

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Free Rain – Rainwater Harvesting & Swimming Pools

As you can imagine, the process of rain water harvesting has been used for centuries, as far back as the third century BC. Farming communities would supply an area of dry land with water through a system of man made ditches to funnel falling water onto a desired farming plot. Water would also be collected […]

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