How Water Tanks Help Save You Money!

water tankWater is almost as precious as gold. Without food a person can live for weeks, but without water you can expect to live only a few days.  Plastic water tanks are both affordable and durable. So how can a plastic water tank save you money?


Every 1mm of rain that falls on every square metre of roof area equals 1 litre of water in your tank.

To calculate how much water you can stop from washing down the drain simply multiply your roof area by the rainfall.

For example your house is 15 metres long and 13 metres wide – 15 x 13 = 195 square metres and you receive 1mm of water – 1mm x 195sq m = 195 litres of rainwater filling your tank.

During a good rainfall you may get 20mm of rain that will be 3,900 litres of water in your tank.

Installing a rain water tank can take a lot of pressure off our water storage systems.

How much water do you use?

  • Toilet flush(single cistern) – 12L
  • Toilet flush (dual cistern, 1/2 flush) – 3L
  • Toilet flush (dual cistern, full flush) – 7L
  • Washing machine (top) – 200L
  • Washing machine (front) – 80L
  • Dishwasher – 50L
  • Bath – 100L
  • Shower (8 min) – 120L
  • Shower (8 min, water efficient showerhead) – 72L
  • Brushing teeth (tap running) – 15L
  • Brushing teeth (tap off) – 5L
  • Washing hands – 5L
  • Dripping tap – 2,000L/month
  • Topping up a pool – 2000L
  • Hosing driveway – 100L
  • Washing car (with hose) – 200L
  • Garden sprinkler (pop up) – 1000L/hour
  • Garden dripper – 4L/hour

Average daily water usage for a family of three – 800L.  This can be reduced to 500L with some water saving strategies.

Source: Water Tanks Pumps and Irrigation

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