Free Rain – Rainwater Harvesting & Swimming Pools

rainwater for swimming poolsAs you can imagine, the process of rain water harvesting has been used for centuries, as far back as the third century BC. Farming communities would supply an area of dry land with water through a system of man made ditches to funnel falling water onto a desired farming plot. Water would also be collected to replenish primary water supplies if they began to fall during hotter periods.

Although the process has been adapted since these ancient times, the procedure is still used today in developing countries and those that suffer from heavy periods of drought. Even countries that suffer from small periods of drought and have good access to frequent supply use such technologies to supplement existing stocks for use in summer periods when water consumption is high.

People have adapted this ancient process to suit their modern needs and lifestyles. Anybody with a roof or an outdoor area can take advantage of Mother Earth, when she decides to wet our palates. However, people are still coming up with inventive ideas regarding this process.

Those lucky enough to have a swimming pool on their door step, have adapted this area to become a way of channelling a water supply by using the pool area as a roof over their garden. Imagine if you will, a swimming pool with a standard roof, which rolls out to protect the water when it is not being used or when it is raining. However, if the owner wants to take advantage of a rainwater harvesting system, they can adapt the shape of this roof so that water is funnelled into collective water tanks on either side of the pool. The falling rainwater is then taken into settling tanks in which the water is filtered before being disinfected to be used for secondary purposes such as backwashing, for example, cleaning toilets.

Families who might feel guilty for having a swimming pool in the first place due to the water consumption they require might use this technology on top of the pool to use in other parts of their water using lifestyles. The large surface area of a covered pool means that large water storage tanks can also be installed to capture falling water to use in all areas of the homes water consumption.

The potential for households to conserve such supplies is overlooked by many households who have the means to do so. Subtle manipulations of guttering systems can direct rainwater into swimming pools and flower beds alike more directly than installing a pyramid structure afloat their swimming pool.

Source: Russel Curtis (Russel Curtis of, operating in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been expertly building, maintaining and repairing Gunite and Marbelite swimming pools to award winning standards on behalf of the South African public since 1976).

Thousands of litres of water are required to fill swimming pools and rainwater harvesting allows homeowners and businesses to fill the pools for free (and guilt-free!).  Rainwater stored in rain water tanks can be used for most other domestic purposes, including drinking if appropriately filtered.  We recommend JoJo Tanks liquid storage tanks over other brands in South Africa, see why here.

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