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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rain Water Tanks

Rainwater tanks have many advantages which usually far outweigh any disadvantages. If the water tanks are not used for rainwater harvesting (e.g. due to drought) they can be useful for storing water from other sources, including municipal water, in case of water supply cuts or restrictions. Although our planet has amazing quantities of water everywhere, […]

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rainwater tank filters

Do I Need A Water Filter?

There has never been a greater need for better sources of healthy water than exists today. Our tap water can be contaminated with synthetic chemicals, toxic heavy metals, parasites, chlorination by-products, rust from pipes and literally thousands of health threatening compounds. Rainwater from rain water tanks is usually of good quality (rainwater is generally pure […]

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greywater recycling

The basics of a simple domestic grey water irrigation system

Whenever you shower or bath, the used ‘grey water’ is usually directed down the drain to the sewers or French Drain.  Why not send gray water to a water tank and then use it to irrigate your garden? Grey water is by definition, the water used in a household that is not ‘black water’ from […]

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water tanks

Everyone should consider filtering water before drinking it

We are not only recommending filtering water from boreholes, dams/rivers, rain water , water tanks or water reservoirs but also municipal water…here’s why Many people seem to think that water supplied by municipalities is pure and ‘safe’ to drink but this is not necessarily the case!  In South Africa, municipal water varies in quality and […]

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global water crisis

Water scientists: Source of life running out

There may come a time when rainwater harvesting and rainwater tanks will be the only safe source of drinking water in many urban areas.  Rain water tanks are a good way of storing emergency water supplies and reducing water bills. Investing in water conservationb measures now will help to lessen the effects of global water […]

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what kinds of chemicals are in municipal water

What Kinds of Chemicals Are in Your Tap Water?

As this article suggests, municipal water and bottled water are not necessarily ‘safe’ to drink. Why not consider rainwater harvesting and installing rain water tanks?  This means that you have direct control of your domestic water supply and if used for drinking, rainwater from the water tanks can be appropriately filtered using a home water […]

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water tank stand

Options for installing a 10000 litre JoJo vertical water tank

The basic principles for installing a polyethylene vertical water tank apply to a range of water tank sizes but become more important as the water tank capacities increase. It is critical to install water tanks properly, especially the larger 5000 litre, 10000 litre, 15000 litre and 20000 litre water tanks – these carry many tonnes […]

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jojo water tanks

Choosing water tanks: What makes JoJo Tanks different?

When it comes to choosing a water tank, chemical tank or other type of tank, it is important to consider the cost vs quality.  When it comes to water tanks, you get what you pay for; here are some reasons why you should choose JoJo Tanks products, made in South Africa. The JoJo Tanks brand […]

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water tanks prices

Care and maintenance of water tanks

Water tanks, whether for domestic or industrial or agricultural purposes, should be cared for from the day of purchase in order for them to have a maximum useful life. Loading, transporting & offloading water tanks Damage can occur to water tanks during the loading, transportation and offloading.  Some water tank types are more susceptible to […]

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