5 Situations in Which Water Purification is a Must

There are still parts of the world in which simply taking a drink out of a stream or even a faucet is a totally normal and safe thing to do. Unfortunately, the number of places where that is true is shrinking every day.

This doesn’t automatically mean that every bit of water you want to drink absolutely has to be sent through a purification system. There are, though, some situations in which purification is absolutely a good idea.  Here are five of them:

1. Rainwater

Collecting rainwater is a fantastic way to save money and help the environment at the same time. You can simply collect the rain that falls in a container or water tank you set outside or, if you want a more robust system, you can “hook up” your rain barrels or rainwater tanks to your gutters. Without purification, this water is only safe for the watering of plants and your yard or washing your cars. With purification, however, you can make the water you collect safe to drink!

water purification water tanks

It looks clean…but looks can be deceiving!

2. Hard Water

Hard water is water that has higher than normal levels of certain minerals (dissolved ions of them, anyway). Without purification, you’ll simply transfer all of these minerals onto and into your body, which can cause any number of illnesses or problems. Always check to see what type of water is running into your home before you use it for anything. If you have hard water, you’ll want to install a purification system immediately.

3. Water from Older Wells

Today, wells are constructed with linings and other measures in place to keep dirt and other sediments from falling into your water. Not everybody’s water comes from these newer wells, though. If your water comes from an older well, it’s good to have a purification system installed, just in case.

4. Polluted Water

If you live in an urban area or an area where the water is highly polluted, your city might put water purification processes in place at the municipal level. It is still a good idea to install them in your own home, though because municipal purification doesn’t always catch everything (and other things can be picked up as water is transported from the municipal supply to your home).

water tanks and water purification

Yum! Except not.

5. Out in the Wild

There are portable filters now that help you purify water before you drink it (see info about LifeStraw portable filters). If you are out camping or hiking, it is not usually advisable to drink from natural water sources without passing the water through one of these purification filters. The filter will help keep things like animal fecal matter, bacteria, sediment, etc., from getting into your body via your beverage.

Sadly, these days, it is rarer to drink water that hasn’t been purified than water that has been put through a purification system. At the same time, don’t you feel a little bit safer knowing that your water has been made safe for you to drink?

Source: Erin Steiner (Erin Steiner writes about a variety of topics and is lucky enough to write from her home in Portland, a city with a mostly safe water supply.)

Water purification is necessary for good health these days; only drink the best water you can get!  Water bottling companies do not necessary supply 100% safe water and the disposable plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare.  Rainwater harvesting allows you to purify and filter the rainwater from your rain barrels or rain water tanks to your requirements and it is not laced with chemicals that are found in municipal water.

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