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greywater recycling

The Green Factor of Grey Water

Water conservation is becoming a must for everyone, especially in water scarce South Africa. Greywater recycling can save significant amounts of water and is an environmentally sound practice, as the article below mentions.  Grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting combined can save even more water; rain water tanks also reduce monthly water bills and increase […]

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water scarcity

10 essential things businesses must know in a water scarce world

Businesses certainly need to take into account growing water scarcity issues around the world.  In South Africa, a water-scarce nation, businesses will need to take practical steps to increase water efficiency, reduce waste and engage in water conservation such as greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting tanks. While ongoing change to global and regional hydrology cannot […]

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water tanks south africa

Gaza: The Water Is Running Out

Many people rely on borehole water from aquifers but, increasingly, aquifers are becoming polluted or severely depleted, even in South Africa. Very dry areas such as the Middle East are not as fortunate as other regions where rainwater harvesting is a viable option. Rain water tanks allow households and businesses to reduce reliance on municipal […]

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rainwater collection

Water Harvesting Art: Function Meets Beauty

Taking rainwater harvesting and making it a beautiful art form will appeal to bmany homeowners. A modern rainwater harvesting system can be cleverly disguised as art forms too – rain water tanks also need not be visible; underground water tanks can be installed. Even before house gutters were invented, harvesting water was a technique that […]

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grey water tanks

Grey Water: Is it Safe?

Grey water should be utilised more, especially for irrigation as it contains nutrients that plants thrive on and can reduce the need for fertiliser applications.  The important thing to remember for simple grey water irrigation systems is that it should not be stored in water tanks for more than 24 hours – the bacteria load […]

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harvesting water

Condensate Harvesting 101: How Is it Done?

The article below explains how water from a source that most people wouldn’t think of – such as from air conditioners – can be captured and stored in water tanks to supplement municipal water supplies. As a rapidly growing population competes for limited water on a planet that struggles to sustain the nearly seven billion […]

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water saving tips

How to save water in public washrooms and toilets

This article mentions some great practical tips to reduce water usage. Public buildings usually have large roof surface areas ideal for rainwater harvesting – a few rain water tanks could further save water and money too.  Unfiltered rainwater can be used for flushing toilets and urinals. If rainwater from rain water tanks is to be […]

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water saving tanks

How to save money & water on your lawn and landscape

As the article below states, rainwater harvesting and rain water tanks or rain barrels can save as much as 90% of water. Many of the other tips are relevant all over the world, including South Africa. Rain water tanks can store water for other household uses including drinking if properly filtered. Since landscape irrigation increases […]

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jojo water tanks

Rainwater harvesting systems: domestic & industrial

Rainwater harvesting can be divided into 3 general categories: domestic ‘hobby’ rainwater harvesting, sophisticated/integrated domestic rainwater harvesting and rainwater harvesting on an industrial scale.  All involve water tanks or rain barrels but the size and number of the water tanks will vary. Here are some general observations and tips according to the type and scale […]

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