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Polyethylene Water Tank Installation Tips

Polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly water tanks) are generally the easiest and most convenient type of water storage tank to install. The article below provides some useful tips for those who want to install a poly rain water tank. Water storage tanks are an excellent addition to any home, regardless of the climate […]

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Video: JoJo Tanks & the Future of Water

This excellent video from JoJo Tanks South Africa discusses why everyone should harvest rainwater and how easy it is to do, using JoJo 750 litre Slimline rain water tanks or other models of water tanks, up to 20000 litres in capacity. Rainwater harvesting remains the simplest and most efficient way to collect FREE rainwater for […]

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How Polyethylene Tanks Are Used in Municipal Water Treatment

Good quality liquid storage tanks such as those made by JoJo Tanks should be utilised for municipal and industrial applications. The article below touches on some ways in which polyethylene tanks are used and applied. Polyethylene storage tanks play an important role in municipal water treatment. Drinking, or potable water, originates from two sources: surface […]

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Tips on Safely Harvesting the Rain

In the US, ‘rain barrels’ are very popular but we recommend more substantial water tanks in South Africa, allowing useful quantities of rainwater to be captured and stored. The tips below are important to keep in mind when collecting rainwater for domestic use. • Make sure any  plastic or polyethylene rain water tanks are food-grade quality. […]

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plastic tanks vs steel tanks

Choosing a water tank – steel or plastic? Some quick facts to help you

In South Africa, plastic or polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly tanks) are by far the most popular choice when it comes to choosing between plastic tanks and steel tanks. There are some good reasons for this. Reasons to choose a poly water tank: They are generally less expensive when compared to a comparably […]

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Photoflow: A solar rainwater harvesting tank?

This is the type of technology sorely needed in developing countries – a practical solor power device combined with a rain water tank – brilliant! A design company called NOS has developed a solution to two major problems facing developing countries: scarcity of drinking water and electricity. The concept is called the PhotoFlow, a combination […]

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Planning a rainwater harvesting system: hardware & water tanks

Rainwater harvesting systems range for simple rain barrels to sophisticated systems that integrate with the existing water supply.  Probably the main/most important piece of hardware is the water tank for storing the rainwater but there are a number of other items that must be considered too. Corrugated iron or ‘tin’ rooftops are ideal rainwater collection […]

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Use poly water tanks for rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems all require a receptacle for storing rainwater – underground chambers, barrels, water reservoirs and even old swimming pools can be used.  Polyethylene water tanks are probably the most practical water storage vessels. Poly or ‘plastic’ water tanks are generally available in a huge array of sizes, types and shapes.  Compared to other […]

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Water tanks: steel, fibreglass, plastic…which type to buy?

When it comes to choosing a water tank, there are a bewildering number of types, sizes and brands to choose from, varying from cheap, inferior tanks to very expensive, high quality tanks.  There needs to be a balance of price, quality as well as longevity and a few other factors must be considered.  It does […]

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