What Water Storage Tank to Buy? A Plastic Tank or a Steel Tank?

An above ground water tank can be used for a variety of storage tank applications. Drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, rainwater harvesting and disaster preparedness are some of their many uses.
plastic water tanks
Water storage tanks can be manufactured from many different types of materials such as polyethylene plastic, galvanized steel, fiberglass, cement and redwood. The most widely used are plastic water tanks and steel water tanks.

There are many features and benefits of each type that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a water tank for your water systems needs.

To assist you choosing which type of water tank to purchase and, more importantly, which tank will better fit your specific storage needs we have listed the advantages of both plastic and steel tanks.

1) Polyethylene Plastic Water Tanks

A. Long Life Span

1.) Plastic is non corrosive and impervious to the various minerals present in well water. It is also unaffected by harmful external corrosion caused by fog, rain and salt air.

2.) Plastic tanks are manufactured from UV inhibited polyethylene resin. This material fights the harmful effects of sunlight degradation.

3.) Poly tanks are unaffected by extreme hot or cold weather conditions. These tanks will expand and contract without cracking regardless of the outside temperature. Because these tanks do flex a flexible coupler is recommended when plumbing the tank outlet fitting to the piping in your water system.

B.) Lightweight, Easy to Handle and Transport

1.) Because of their overall weight, plastic tanks are extremely portable. This makes them easy to manually maneuver and set in place. Heavy equipment is not usually required to set these tanks.

2.) Poly tanks are easy to transport. Many sizes can be hauled in a standard size pick up. The larger tanks can be moved with a utility or car trailer. This ease of transport also makes them more cost effective to ship long distances by common carrier.

C.) Maintenance Free

1.) These tanks normally are dark green or black in color. This makes them very opaque which helps stop algae growth. Desert tan color is also available.

2.) Tanks can be placed directly on native soil that is flat, level and free of sharp objects. Sand also makes an excellent base. They don´t require a special gravel or concrete pad.

3.) In the unlikely occurrence of damage to the tank, plastic tanks can be easily repaired by using polyethylene cord and a heat gun.

D.) Variety – These tanks are available in sizes ranging from 200 to 10,000 gallons.

E.) Economical – Poly tanks the most cost effective type of water tank per gallon up to 10,000 gallons.

F.) Warranty – Most tanks offer 5 year meaningful warranties for defects in manufacturing.

G.) Meet Stringent Standards– Most tanks are listed with the US Department of the Interior, USDA, FDA, DOT, NRCS and ASTM.

2) Galvanized Steel Water Tanks

A.) Long Life Span

Some tanks on the market are available with a geotextile pre-liner and flexible PVC main liner suspended inside the tank. The higher quality steel tanks on the market hot dip their components in zinc. Both of these features protect against corrosion caused by the minerals in the water and from outside moisture factors. When purchasing a steel tank you should insist on these features.

B.) Strong and Durable

This is particularly true of steel tanks that are corrugated. Corrugated steel has nine times the tensile strength of flat steel and is more resistant to comprehensive loads. Corrugated tanks are uniquely resistant to the mushrooming and buckling effect caused by earthquakes, hurricanes and other cataclysmic events.

C.) Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Gallon Capacities.

Some steel tank manufactures offer in excess of 100 different standard water tank models. Tank sizes start at approximately 700 gallons and in the case of field erected tanks are available up to 700,000 gallons.

D.) Cost Effective

This is particularly true of the aforementioned field erected tanks that are assembled on site. These steel tanks have a distinct advantage because of their large volume capabilities. Most poly tanks are limited to 10,000 gallon sizes. While it is common for water systems to consist of multiple 10,000 gallon tanks tied together in series sometimes this is not practical because of space restrictions. When a large volume of water storage is required these field erected steel tanks make the most sense cost-wise. This cost per gallon normally goes down the larger the tank. These tanks are ideal for commercial, municipal, industrial, mining and many other applications.

E.) Ease of Transport

Field erected tanks are shipped in sections and palletized. They can be off loaded at the job site manually or by forklift.

F.) Attractive

Corrugated tanks have a very finished and unique appearance. They are considered by many to be aesthetically appealing. This makes them a great choice for residential, commercial and industrial application.

Plastic and steel water tanks each have its advantages. Not one type of tank is right for everyone. It really comes down to which tank fits your water system the best. We hope this information will help you make the decision that´s right for you.

Source: National News Today

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