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The benefits of large water tanks vs impoundments for irrigation water

In many cases, irrigation water for golf courses, fields and farms is piped to a temporary storage site before being pumped to the irrigation system where it’s needed. A large poly water tank or a series of large water tanks can offer many benefits over a fixed concrete or earthen impoundment; here are some points […]

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polyethylene water tanks

Importance of choosing a high quality poly water tank

There are thousands of manufacturers of ‘plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks and it can be a daunting choice when trying to decide which brand to buy. Here are a few factors that should be considered when choosing a poly water tank: Cost: This is often the first and most important factor influencing consumers’ choices when […]

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water saving tips

Video: 10 Tips for Conserving Water

Water saving tips can never be repeated too many times, especially in South Africa where water scarcity is a reality. For those that prefer watching a video for quick information transfer, watch the short video below for 10 tips on saving water at home. The next step is to install water conservation systems such as […]

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Top Solutions for Storing the Excess Rain Water You Harvest

The article below outlines for good points and ideas. Polyethylene water tanks are subject to price fluctuations but in South Africa, JoJo Tanks usually fix prices for at least a year, even with oil/fuel price hikes. Harvesting rainwater is arguably the best way to save money on water, especially in arid climates, while doing your […]

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rainwater tanks

Why installing a rain water tank is good for the environment

There are many reasons to harvest rainwater and install water tanks, including saving money on your water bills. Here’s why rainwater tanks are also good for the environment. Rainwater harvesting tanks on a property positively affects the environment in the following ways: By harvesting rainwater and storing it in rainwater tanks, a household or business […]

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rainwater harvesting tanks

Video: Water tanks & storage vessels for rainwater

There are many choices when it comes to choosing the right water tank or water storage vessel for rainwater harvesting systems. In South Africa, we recommend JoJo Tanks products – their tanks are made from high grade polyethylene suitable for storing drinking water. Rain Harvesting – Storage Vessel / Collection – Ways to Collecting Rainwater […]

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water tank prices

Some factors that influence the price of poly water tanks

Plastic or polyethylene water tank prices can vary widely but, as is the case with so many things, when it comes to water tanks, ‘you get what you pay for’, although not always. Poly water tank prices can be affected by the following factors: The price of water tanks can be affected by the number […]

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Choosing a water tank? Some advantages of poly water tanks

‘Plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks have numerous advantages of water tanks made from other materials. Of course, we are discussing high quality, rotational moulded poly water tanks such as those manufactured by JoJo Tanks in South Africa. Here are some advantages of poly water tanks to help you with your decision: Rotational moulding process results […]

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rain water tanks

India: University plans to conserve every drop of rainwater

Universities and other institutions with many large buildings and big roof surface areas are also ideal for rainwater harvesting.  Schools, government buildings, factories- all should take advantage of the rainwater harvesting potential, especially in South Africa where water scarcity is a reality.  A series of 10000 liter, 15000 liter or 20000 litre water tanks could […]

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