DIY Water Tank Level Gauge

Determining how much water there is in a water tank can be a real chore (what with having to climb the tower in order to peer through the tank’s manhole). The answer? A simple sight gauge which uses the compression of air in a length of clear plastic tubing as an indication of water pressure … which in turn, is nothing but a reflection of the water tank’s water level.

water tank level gaugeThe above diagram will give you an idea of how the system is set up. As you can see, there’s nothing complex about the gauge’s construction (built in two hours at a total parts cost of less than ten dollars). About the only slightly thorny part of the whole project is the calibration of the sight-tube … and even that’s a snap when you know how.

  • [1] First of all—with the plug removed from the top of the transparent plastic tube—open the shut-off valve just a crack, until the water level is visible near the bottom of the sight gauge. Close the valve, replace the plug, and tighten the top hosing clamp until air will no longer escape past the end plug. (Hint: Some air loss is virtually inevitable, but you can cut that loss to an absolute minimum by giving the tubing plug a light coat of very thick grease prior to installing it for the last time.)
  • [2] Drain the water tank … but not the service pipe. Now open the shut-off valve and you’ll see the water level rise in the plastic tube as a result of the head pressure created by the water remaining in the service pipe. Mark the position of the meniscus, or water level, on the plywood backboard and label this spot “TANK EMPTY”. (Leave the shut-off valve open from now on.)
  • [3] Next, fill the water tank brim full. Then mark the position of the meniscus on the backboard and label the spot “TANK FULL”.
  • [4] Find the midpoint between the “TANK FULL” and “TANK EMPTY” lines and mark this locus -1/2 FULL”. Make as many other subdivisions of the scale as you feel necessary. That’s all!

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The usefulness of this gauge is not limited to water tank systems alone. It can also be used to measure city water pressure, and—by acting as a pressure-overload damper—can even cure water hammer problems.

In addition, if you have your own water pump, the makeshift pressure indicator can help you detect pump failures, line breaks, or even a drop in the water table (should this affect your pump’s pressure output).

Source: Mother Earth News (by JIM AMDAL)

A simple and effective solution to keeping an eye on your water tank’s level!  For those who do not have time or are not diy-inclined, JoJo Tanks manufactures a digital water tank level gauge; click here for more information.

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