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JoJo Tanks’ new grain silo tank system

JoJo Tanks have announced the availability of a complete grain silo tank system that was designed primarily for the storage of grain or ‘mealies’ but can be used for a number of other applications. JoJo silo tanks can be used for other liquid and solid storage applications, including storage of fertilizer (liquid & solid), various […]

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An overview of some the types of poly storage tanks available in South Africa

There are many types and sizes of plastic or polyethylene water tanks available; here is an overview of what is available from one of South Africa’s best-known poly tank manufacturers, JoJo Tanks: Standard vertical tanks: These are probably the most common type of poly tank and probably the type that most are familiar with. Vertical […]

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Types of plastic storage tanks – an overview of applications

There are many types and sizes of polyethylene storage tanks available; some are adaptable to a range of uses, others are more specialised. Here is a brief overview of the various types of poly tanks and their applications: Vertical tanks These are probably the most commonly know type of tank. They are general purpose tanks […]

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Some uses & advantages of polyethylene silo tanks

Silo tanks, sometimes known as conical tanks, have a number of industrial, agricultural and other applications. Silo tanks differ from normal water tanks in that they have a cone-shaped base for funnelling the contents downwards, using gravity. Polyethylene silo tanks can be used for storing: Grains and cereal crops Silage Animal feeds Food ingredients at […]

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Choose the right storage tank for its intended use

Storage tanks are available in a bewildering array of types, sizes and brands; while many tanks can serve in multiple roles, there are some that are designed for specific purposes and there are situations where specific tanks should be chosen.  In South Africa, we recommend polyethylene tanks made by JoJo Tanks – they produce high […]

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Rainwater Collection: Affordable Conservation

As the article below states, rainwater harvesting is addictive!  Once you see how a simple rain barrel or drum can be set up easily and cheaply, most people want to harvest more of this precious and free resouce.  By all means start small (and inexpensively) with a simple rain water system then, once you are […]

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What Can Renters Do to Harvest Rain Water (Without Breaking the Law)?

Fortunately, in South Africa there are no such restrictions or laws governing rainwater harvesting or rain tanks, as there are in some states and counties in the US.  Should you be renting, your landlord may be very happy to cover part- or all of the cost of rain water tank installation as water conservation systems, […]

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In a Cold Climate? Keep These Things in Mind When Water Harvesting

Although cold-climate water harvesting is not particularly relevant to most South African conditions, the tips and facts presented in the article below are interesting nonetheless and there are some suggestions and considerations that are universal when it comes to rain harvesting and rain water tanks. Water harvesting is gaining in popularity as more inhabitants of […]

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Rainwater harvesting: your water supply from the sky

Whether you live in Texas, South Africa or most other parts of the world, you will be glad to have rain water tanks on your property to harvest this water supply from the sky! If you are like me, you are doubtless happy after the recent rains. This is especially true if you have a […]

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