Some factors that influence the price of poly water tanks

Plastic or polyethylene water tank prices can vary widely but, as is the case with so many things, when it comes to water tanks, ‘you get what you pay for’, although not always.

poly water tank prices
Poly water tank prices can be affected by the following factors:

  • The price of water tanks can be affected by the number of players in the retail chain; if a factory is able to sell directly to the public, prices should be lower. But if there is a long line of agents, distributors, regional retailers and local retailers before the tank reaches the customer, the price can be artificially high.
  • Market supply and demand is obviously another factor affecting prices of plastic water tanks – retailers will compare their prices with other retailers, within brands and between brands of water tanks.
  • Local characteristics of the town/city where the tanks are being sold can also affect price, i.e. distance from the water tank factory/distributor, local demand, affluence and competition between retailers.
  • The number of different poly water tank brands available in an area can influence the price of water tanks – more choice for the consumer means that each brand needs to be more competitively priced.
  • Quality – many plastic water tank brands look very similar superficially but there are things like wall thickness, type of polyethylene, quality of raw materials, extra fittings, reinforcement/strengthening design, inner coatings or linings and other build characteristics that can affect the input costs which affect the quality and price of the final product.
  • The type of moulding process used to manufacture the plastic water tanks can also affect price. Rotational moulding equipment is expensive but the resulting water tanks are seamless and less prone to crack/split. Water tanks made in two-piece moulds can be cheaper but may not last long.
  • Guaranties or warranties supplied with tanks are usually calculated into the price of the water tank. A higher quality and more costly poly water tank may carry a long warranty whereas the cheaper poly water tanks are sold without any form or guaranty or warranty. The consumer can ultimately decide but it is false economy buying cheap plastic water tanks that may not last long and have design/manufacturing defects.
  • Brand names and ‘no-name brands’ also affect the price of water tanks. Well-established water tank brands can quite rightly place a small premium on their products – all their research and development, local employment opportunities, market trust all need to be taken into account. No-name brands are often poor imitations and may even contravene intellectual property rights of established brands.

There are many more factors that influence the price of plastic water tanks, with variations according to country and local factors.

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