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20000 litre tank

Need a water tank? Fibreglass, steel or poly tanks?

When choosing a water tank, having decided on the capacity and type, one is faced with choices relating to the type of material used to construct the water tank as well as brand. Here are 6 quick reasons why polyethylene or ‘plastic’ water tanks are almost always the best choice: Generally, poly water tanks are […]

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jojo plastic water tanks

Choosing a water tank? Some advantages of poly water tanks

‘Plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks have numerous advantages of water tanks made from other materials. Of course, we are discussing high quality, rotational moulded poly water tanks such as those manufactured by JoJo Tanks in South Africa. Here are some advantages of poly water tanks to help you with your decision: Rotational moulding process results […]

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plastic tanks vs steel tanks

Choosing a water tank – steel or plastic? Some quick facts to help you

In South Africa, plastic or polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly tanks) are by far the most popular choice when it comes to choosing between plastic tanks and steel tanks. There are some good reasons for this. Reasons to choose a poly water tank: They are generally less expensive when compared to a comparably […]

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plastic vs steel tanks

What to buy: a plastic water tank or steel water tank?

When a water tank is required, whether it be for a rainwater harvesting system or for storing water from other sources, many buyers will need to decide whether it should be a plastic/polyethylene water tank or a steel water tank. Before any advantages/disadvantages of plastic water tanks and steel water tanks are discussed, there must […]

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jojo water tanks

Water tanks: steel, fibreglass, plastic…which type to buy?

When it comes to choosing a water tank, there are a bewildering number of types, sizes and brands to choose from, varying from cheap, inferior tanks to very expensive, high quality tanks.  There needs to be a balance of price, quality as well as longevity and a few other factors must be considered.  It does […]

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What Water Storage Tank to Buy? A Plastic Tank or a Steel Tank?

An above ground water tank can be used for a variety of storage tank applications. Drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, rainwater harvesting and disaster preparedness are some of their many uses. Water storage tanks can be manufactured from many different types of materials such as polyethylene plastic, galvanized steel, fiberglass, cement and redwood. The most […]

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