Advantages of Plastic Water Storage Tanks Over Steel Tanks

plastic tanks vs metal tanksLet’s review some practical considerations that make a plastic (polyethylene) water storage tank, rainwater tank or fire suppression tank the better choice for most people:

  • Plastic water tanks are lightweight and can often be moved (empty) by hand into position, which is an advantage on rough terrain. Steel tanks must be craned into position.
  • Another advantage of the plastic water tanks’ lighter weight is much lower shipping cost when compared to a heavy galvanized steel tank. Given today’s fuel prices, this can amount to a huge savings.
  • Plastic water tanks come in a much wider variety of sizes and capacities.
  • Plastic water tanks can be placed on just about any flat surface without anything sharp underneath. Galvanized steel tanks require expensive steel rings and a rock base to keep them from sitting in rust-inducing water.
  • Plastic water tanks come in many different colours, which helps the water tanks blend into the landscape/environment better, in addition to having UV-inhibitors in the material to fight the effects of sunlight degradation.
  • Plastic water tanks won’t rust over time and have to be replaced, which is one of its best advantages. (Keep in mind that galvanized steel tanks are generally not covered by warranty for rust.)
  • If a plastic water tank is accidentally punctured, it is easier to repair.
  • While plastic water tanks may melt in a serious brush fire, in most such fires steel tanks may buckle from uneven heating (even beyond being weakened by corrosion) and concrete tanks may explode (as the moisture content of the concrete flashes to steam).

Having said that, there are times when galvanized steel tanks make more sense for water storage:

• If you are required to have in excess of 15,000 gallons of water and only have room for one tank; plastic water tanks generally are only made as big as 15,000 gallons. This advantage can be cancelled out if you have a lot of room on your property and can purchase more than one large tank.

• When you are required to use a galvanized steel tank for fire suppression by your local government agency.

Source: Xomba

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