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In Africa Poverty and Water are Related

There are a number of reasons why poverty has become an epidemic in Africa. Poverty can be the result of political instability, ethnic conflicts, climate change and other man-made causes. But one of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa is also the most overlooked…the lack of access to clean drinking water.

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World Population Day: Sustainable Agriculture for a Planet of 7 Billion

As the world population increases, so do the number of mouths to feed. The good news is that in addition to providing food, innovations in sustainable agriculture can provide a solution to many of the challenges that a growing population presents. Agriculture is emerging as a solution to mitigating climate change, reducing public health problems […]

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Southern Africa: Improvements to regional groundwater management

With a view to improving development and management of groundwater in the region, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is developing several tools to empower persons and organisations involved in the management of groundwater in southern Africa. Groundwater is likely to play an even greater role for human development under changing climatic conditions hence the […]

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Why We Need to Calm the Natural Gas Frenzy

Right now, natural gas is the new big thing when it comes to solving our nation’s energy challenges. With gasoline hitting $4 a gallon and coal- and nuclear-based power reeling from environmental and safety concerns, many see cheap, plentiful supplies of homegrown natural gas as the latest answer to our energy dreams, especially as hydraulic […]

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Climate Change, Water and Food Security

Climate change will have a major impact on the availability of water for growing food in the decades to come.  So warns Climate Change, Water and Food Security, a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). The report found that already water-stressed regions, like the semi-arid areas of southern Africa, the America’s, Australia […]

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Can organic agriculture survive a depressed economy?

Eco-friendly, organic agriculture can both improve livelihoods across the globe and help protect the planet’s natural resources; harnessing untapped potential for helping farmers and consumers alike build resilience to food price shocks, climate change, and water scarcity. So what’s stopping it? What exactly is “organic agriculture?” According to The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements […]

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Do the fish in our oceans matter?

It’s hard to imagine the world beneath the surface of the oceans, those vast areas of water like the Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic, where old maps proclaimed: ‘Here be dragons’. From land, the flat, blue-grey sea seems of minimal significance to our daily lives. But it is we who stand on the planet’s lesser part. […]

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Earth’s Water Cycle Has Accelerated

Evidence that the world’s water cycle has already intensified is contained in research published in the American Journal of Climate.  The change in the water cycle means arid regions have become drier and high rainfall regions wetter as atmospheric temperature increases.  The study shows the surface ocean beneath rainfall-dominated regions has freshened, whereas ocean regions […]

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Nanotechnology and Environmental Sustainability

Some of the most significant challenges facing global society in the 21st century involve the sustainability of the environment (water, soil and air quality), energy, health and food.  Existing technologies have had a profound effect on the environment, releasing formidable pollutants into the environment and depleting natural resources. Nanotechnology, the science of the extremely small, […]

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