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under ground water tanks

Four main reasons for installing an underground water tank

Underground water tanks are sometimes a better option that the normal above-ground vertical water tanks. Here are 4 main reasons to install underground water tanks: Where space is limited: In some cases there is simply no space for the placement of above-ground water tanks. High property values mean that every square inch of property is […]

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under ground tanks

A case for poly underground water storage tanks

Underground water tanks are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Due to the excavation requirements, it is easier to install underground water tanks during the construction phase of a home/development but they can still be installed at existing properties. Here are a few advantages of underground water tanks: Space: Where space is at a premium, […]

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Alleviate rainwater runoff problems with rain gardens

There are many reasons to create landscapes in our yards – to add softness to the harsh angles of a home, to make the transition from the natural environment to the built environment appear more seamless, to abide by deed restrictions for foundation planting or simply to foster a passion for gardening. What if these […]

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Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are a great choice for the person that doesn’t want visual impact of the above ground water tank or is limited to space. There are several things to consider when deciding on which underground water storage system to use at your home or commercial property.

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Why you should harvest rainwater

Did you know that more than 80% of rainwater evaporates back into the atmosphere? When water evaporates through plants, (transpiration) it cools the atmosphere and biological diversity increases. Rainwater harvesting is not only a way to make the most of nature’s gift, but containing runoff from your roof and paving will also help improve the […]

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Underground Rain Water Tank Installation Video

Watch this video for some insight into how a underground rain water tank and rainwater harvesting system is installed and operated. Although the above company in Australian, the same principles for rainwater harvesting and rainwater tanks can be applied to South Africa.

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JoJo Tank Frequently Asked Questions

Wonder how JoJo plastic tanks are made?  Do you know what SG means? Find out about tanks from South Africa’s biggest water tank manufacturer with this interesting FAQ How is a JoJo Tank constructed? 1. What does S.G. mean in the tank descriptions? 

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