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Video: Large-scale modular underground rainwater harvesting tank

Underground water tanks and underground water storage systems are sometimes preferable to above-ground water storage tanks. This video documents the installation of a large modular underground rainwater harvesting tank. Watch the entire installation process of a 30,000 gallon modular, underground rainwater collection system. These modular units are constructed onsite, wrapped with layers of geotextile fabric […]

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Four main reasons for installing an underground water tank

Underground water tanks are sometimes a better option that the normal above-ground vertical water tanks. Here are 4 main reasons to install underground water tanks: Where space is limited: In some cases there is simply no space for the placement of above-ground water tanks. High property values mean that every square inch of property is […]

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Underground water tanks – are they for you?

Underground water tanks, as opposed the more conventional above-ground water tanks, offer a few advantages. This is a brief look at situations where under ground water tanks may be the better option. Underground water tanks may be preferable to standard above-ground water tanks in the following situations: Where there is limited space and where every […]

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Underground water tanks make sense for some situations

Underground water tanks are not as commonly available as standard aboveground vertical water tanks but they have their purpose and may be a better option in some cases. In South Africa, a very popular underground water tank is the JoJo 6000 litre underground tank – robustly built and of sufficient storage capacity for many situations. […]

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Match water tank size & type to intended use

There are so many water tank types and sizes on the market so it is important to choose the right water tank for the intended use.  Before even considering which type and size water tanks to look at, always shortlist tank brands based on quality, guarantees, availability and after sales service. Here are some suggestions […]

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What features should the ideal underground water tank have?

Underground water tanks can be a better alternative to standard above-ground water tanks but they must be properly constructed and designed to withstand pressure exerted on the walls when buried underground. Here are some features which the ideal underground water tank should possess: The underground tank should be of a useful capacity for storing worthwhile […]

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Installation procedure for the JoJo 6000 litre Underground Tank

Underground tank installation is more time consuming and complex compared to the installation of above-ground vertical tanks that can be installed on a firm base/platform or tank stand.  However, there are some situations where an underground tank, such as the JoJo 6000 litre underground water tank, is a better storage solution over JoJo’s vertical water […]

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Why are wetlands so important?

Many communities across Africa are directly dependent on wetlands for their survival, while wetlands provide indirect, but crucial services to many others. Yet despite this, these critical ecosystems are deteriorating and their capacity to provide goods and services is increasingly diminished as a result of human activities.

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Choose the right size plastic septic tank

Why choose a plastic septic tank? When designing a septic system, one of the most common questions asked is whether the septic tank should be concrete or plastic. Septic tanks, which store solid waste, are available in concrete, steel, fiberglass, and plastic.

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