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jojo tanks suppliers

Jojo Tanks Suppliers

Rainharvest are suppliers of bulk order Jojo tanks and tank stands across South Africa.

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cape town water

Fear of a dry future for Cape Town

A scarce supply of water may become Cape Town’s defining feature, and the city has already been touted as one of the first major cities in the world that could run out of water. This was the warning from City of Cape Town Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson, who spoke on Sunday at the WISA 2018 […]

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Bushfires and water tanks

Bushfires are very common in African Savannas, especially during the dry season between May and October. Private water sources in bushfire-affected areas could become contaminated from bushfire ash, fire retardant, debris or dead animals. If the water looks, smells or tastes unusual, do not use it for drinking or food preparation and do not give it […]

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water tanks grahamstown

South Africa: The hidden cost of water supply cuts

Many small towns in South Africa such as Grahamstown, are experiencing an increasing frequency of water supply outages.  As the article below outlines, water supply cuts cost businesses and home-owners money.  Water supply cuts can be mitigated by the installation of water tanks to store rainwater or municipal water or both – water tanks can save you […]

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water tank south africa

South Africa: Water losses could fund 20 Lesotho Highlands projects

The shocking figures presented below are particularly disturbing as South Africa is a water scarce country and can ill afford to waste a single drop of water.  One of the solutions presented below is to increase the cost of water to consumers – this may help to make people realise the value of water who […]

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water tanks kzn

South Africa: Possible sea water desalination plant for Durban

All options that can contribute to South Africa’s water supply should be considered but conventional desalination plants may be too energy intensive – exacerbating another chronic problem in South Africa – electricity supply shortfalls.  The cost of water to households and businesses will rise exponentially in the near future.  Rainwater harvesting may offer a partial […]

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water tank prices

South Africa losing huge quantities of water

South Africa’s water infrastructure is ind dire need of upgrading and maintenance.  Corrupt and inept officials combined with water theft only exacerbate water scarcity in the country.  Citizens must engage in water conservation practices and invest in water-saving systems such as greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting.  A few rain water tanks can save a household […]

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water tanks for hospital

Mandela’s hospital receives 20000 litres of emergency water

This is yet another example of why rain water tanks at hospitals are a good idea, especially in South Africa.  Even if rainwater harvesting systems are not installed, a series of large water tanks for storing municipal water, for example 10000 litre tanks or 20000 litre tanks, could see the hospital through until water supplies […]

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nelson mandela home town

South Africa: Village near Nelson Mandela’s Qunu cries out for water

Residents in many rural areas lack basic infrastructure and water services, often relying on municipal water tankers that deliver water intermittently.  A better solution would be for the government to subsidise water tanks for rainwater harvesting to make these communities less dependent on unreliable municipal water supplies and improve their lives. “They just don’t care… […]

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