JoJo Silo Tanks

 JoJo Tanks’ polyethylene storage silos and cyclones are manufactured from quality food safety accredited polyethylene and are moulded in one piece for strength and durability. The silos are available in a range of sizes for easy handling of grain, molasses and bulk liquid feeds. These conical shaped tanks are also used in the bio-diesel manufacturing process.
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JoJo Drums

JoJo drums are manufactured using high density polyethylene to ensure quality and consistency. They are extremely strong and rigid, easy to handle and stackable for easy storage. The drums are popularly used for the storage of milk, water, cold drinks and other liquids. A plastic tap may be fitted on request at the bottom to ease dispensing. (with both screw-on and clip-on lids).

JoJo Tanks are also manufacturers of animal drinking troughs, animal feeders, Water-on-Wheels wheelbarrow tanks, fish pond breeding tanks, dog kennels, plastic dustbins and numerous other products suited for agricultural and domestic use.

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The JoJo septic & conservancy tanks are manufactured from the same polyethylene as our other tanks.  They are easy to handle, easy to install and easy to clean. JoJo’s septic tanks are backed by a full five-year warranty and have been tested and approved fit for purpose for use as a sanitary disposal system, by Agrément South Africa. *All JoJo Tanks polyethylene tanks and products now carry a 8 year warranty (on tanks purchased on or after 1 July 2013)*

JoJo Tanks also manufacture a range of pit pedestal toilets, toilet huts and waterless Ecosan toilets.

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JoJo Tanks have just launched a range of  6000Lt underground tanks as a much-desired addition to the existing range of tanks available to consumers in the urban market and particularly to complement the aboveground Slimline™ range that has a much smaller holding capacity.
plastic tanks
Underground tanks are the answer when space and accessibility are an issue – especially in an urban environment.  They have also become an increasingly popular option for architects and building designers as an underground water storage system allows for the maximum use of property, allowing for more green space and/or parking on a tight commercial site. Professionally installed, they and can be placed under paved light weight traffic areas, driveways, garden beds or lawns providing an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for rainwater capture and rainwater harvesting.
The new 6000 litre underground tanks are available in three colours: grey (for greywater use), black (for black water use) and green (for fresh water and rain water harvesting). Like all other JoJo Tanks, the underground tank is manufactured by means of the rotational molding process to produce a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.  The rugged, ribbed design offers superior strength for underground installation and the rib placement provides exceptional structural integrity.

Please note: There is a very specific and highly recommended installation procedure for the JoJo underground tank. For detailed information please request the installation procedure document.

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