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jojo tanks suppliers

Jojo Tanks Suppliers

Rainharvest are suppliers of bulk order Jojo tanks and tank stands across South Africa.

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cape town water

Fear of a dry future for Cape Town

A scarce supply of water may become Cape Town’s defining feature, and the city has already been touted as one of the first major cities in the world that could run out of water. This was the warning from City of Cape Town Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson, who spoke on Sunday at the WISA 2018 […]

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yoyo tanks

Water conservation & efficiency in hospitals

Hospital rooftops make ideal collecting surfaces for rainwater harvesting and there is usually ample space for installing large water tanks – 10000 litre tanks, 15000 litre tanks or even 20000 litre tanks, connected in series results in substantial water storage. The article below outlines more conventional means of saving water but hospitals and other institutions […]

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jojo water tanks

Video: Home Water Saving Tips

This comprehensive video about water saving at home is well worth watching, whether you are in the USA or South Africa or anywhere in the world. Water saving habits combined with water conservation systems such as rain water harvesting tanks and grey water recycling saves money and the environment. Saving water can make all the […]

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rain tanks

Uses of rainwater from your rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks have historically been used as an essential means of supplying drinking water in many rural and remote parts of the world. The location, style, construction and use of rainwater tanks have changed significantly over time. The use of rainwater tanks has become a major strategy to enhance water conservation, reduce the burden of […]

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Water-Saving Tips For Dummies (eBook)

Do you want to make sure your water usage is sustainable? Water-Saving Tips For Dummies provides practical methods to reduce the amount of water used around your home — from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, to the garden. Discover how to: Find and install¬†efficient water-saving devices Collect your rainwater Recycle your greywater Maintain a sustainable […]

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Conserving Water with Drip Irrigation

Today it is more important than ever to use water resources wisely and to irrigate intelligently. Drip irrigation has enabled farmers, nurserymen, and landscapers to conserve water for decades.¬† This is primarily because, in contrast to gravity or sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation technology applies water slowly and directly to the targeted plant’s root zone. Water […]

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water tanks south africa

Top 10 water saving tips

There can never be too many ‘water saving tips’ articles, even though they may repeat each other. Water conservation starts at home and when combined with water systems such as rain water tanks and greywater recycling, amazing amounts of water can be saved (not to mention the financial savings too). Turn off the tap when […]

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water conservation tips

Five Simple Money & Water $avers

These simple water and money saving tips are worthwhile in the long run – both financially and environmentally. Combine them with water conservation systems such as grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting tanks to potentially reduce your water bills to zero. With water bills rising and many water tables going down, it makes eco-sense and […]

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