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Use poly water tanks for rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems all require a receptacle for storing rainwater – underground chambers, barrels, water reservoirs and even old swimming pools can be used.  Polyethylene water tanks are probably the most practical water storage vessels. Poly or ‘plastic’ water tanks are generally available in a huge array of sizes, types and shapes.  Compared to other […]

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Rainwater tanks & rain gardens save money & the environment

Rainwater harvesting is becoming better-known in South Africa as homeowners and businesses realise that water conservation must be embraced in our water scarce country.  Rain water tanks combined with rain gardens can ensure that there is enough water for domestic use as well as irrigation, during water restrictions or water outages.  Rain water tanks and […]

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Why rain water tanks at hospitals are a good idea

Most hospitals in South Africa have an electricity back-up in the form of generators but surprisingly, not many have alternative water supply or even stored water in water tanks for emergencies.  Rainwater tanks and water tanks should be part of every hospital’s contingency plans. Hospitals in South Africa and other African countries are often in […]

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Care and maintenance of plastic water tanks

Good quality ‘plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks do not require much maintenance over their service lives but there are a few things that will ensure maximum service life is attained. In the first place, always buy the best quality, rotational moulded poly tanks to ensure that the workmanship is up to standard and that good […]

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Water tanks in urban environments make sense

Perhaps the thought of water tanks conjures up an image of rural farmsteads with the odd water tank on a tank stand but private water tanks are now being seen in many towns and cities, especially in South Africa, with good reason. A business or a household with one or may water tanks may have […]

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South Africa: R4.3bn interim water supply programme to begin

Water infrastructure in South Africa sorely needs a boost of investment from the private and public sectors.  The average household or business can still ensure that municipal water shortages do not affect them by the installation water conservation systems such as rainwater harvesting tanks and greywater recycling.  A full rain water tank is insurance against […]

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rain tanks for irrigation

Is Your Sprinkling System Working Effectively?

Whether you use traditional sources of water for irrigation or whether you have installed a rainwater harvesting system and irrigate from water stored in rain water tanks, it is important to know whether your irrigation system is operating efficiently. Whether you grow your own vegetables or you simply enjoy having a beautiful lawn, you will […]

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An overview of the ideal water tank

When choosing a water storage tank for storing rainwater or water from other sources, there are a number of things to consider before buying the water tank or water tanks best suited to your needs. Firstly, decide on the size of water tank or water tanks that you need.  Size of the tank will be […]

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South Africa: Johannesburg loses nearly 40% of its water annually

Water losses in Gauteng municipalities and many other towns and cities around South Africa should be spurring homeowners and businesses to invest in water conservation measures such as rainwater harvesting tanks.  Rain water tanks can collect significant amounts of rainwater that could become critical emergency water supplies when municipal water shortages arise. Gauteng municipalities collectively […]

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