Q&A with the MD of JoJo Tanks South Africa

An interesting Q&A with Rod Cairns, MD of JoJo Tanks – South Africa’s foremost water tank manufacturer

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JoJo Tanks MD Rod Cairns

Is municipal water expensive in South Africa compared with other countries?

According to the Earth Policy Institute, municipal water rates around the world have increased dramatically over the past five years; 27% in the US, 32% in the UKm, 45% in Australia, 50% in South Africa and 58% in Canada. Still, our water remains relatively cheap, so we continue to be wasteful. But over time, water will become more expensive, as there may simply not be enough water to meet future needs so the need to save water will be forced upon us.

How long can water be stored in a tank?

Indefinitely depending on what one intends using it for. JoJo Tanks are resistant to UV rays. They’re also lined with a carbon black food safety accredited material to keep the water algae-free and fresher for longer.

How much water can I harvest?

Calculate your potential annual catchment by multiplying your total m2 of catchment (usually roof) area by your annual rainfall average. The average South African rainfall is 464mm, so up to 23 000 litres of water can be harvested from a 50m2 roof… enough for 165 showers.

Of course, since rain is seasonal, you’ll only max your harvest by having the water tank storage for the max.

What can I use the water for?

You can use rainwater for all household purposes and gardening, if you plumb up for it. If you buy a good-sized tank (about 5000 litres) you will be able to harvest enough water during the rainy season to see you through the dry season.

If a whole community used JoJo tanks would it significantly help the environment?

At JoJo Tanks we say: Every Drop Counts. The more people harvesting rain water and using it for gardening, topping up pools etc, the lower the demand on municipal water; so collectively it will certainly make a difference.

How much money does one save ?

The most expensive water currently charged by Joburg Water is that used at the top of the usage scale. This is R13,40 /1 000 litres plus you are charged at 40% of this on the waste disposal side i.e R5.36. So you’ll effectively pay R18,76 per 1 000 litres, or 1,87c a litre.

Because the cost of water is so low, you can see you won’t save a lot of money. The real value is the contribution you make to lightening your own footprint, being able to supplement your water at times of rationing, and in providing your own water security (a real boon when – as so often happens in some areas – there are water outages). So the real motivating factor for rainwater harvesting is to save water, not to save money.

Is it easy to install a JoJo tank?

It is super easy. Anyone with the handyman skills to establish a solid and level platform can do the tank installation (the platform should be 50mm wider than the base of the tank and 100-150mm thick to carry the weight of the water tank when full). Then all you need to do is set it up in a position where a downpipe can be connected to the roof guttering to harvest the rain. If you are unsure, contact one of JoJo’s preferred suppliers.

Is it difficult to maintain?

There are virtually no maintenance costs, and a damaged water tank is easily repaired with a special plastic welding tool.

JoJo tanks come with a 5-year guarantee.

Source: JoJo Tanks (Eco Warrior Blog)

It is great to know that JoJo Tanks‘ MD is environmentally conscious and not only heading one of South Africa’s most successful companies – we can be proud that JoJo Tanks is 100% South African owned and run.  Click on the links below to select your ideal rainwater tank or one of the many other high quality JoJo Tanks products.

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