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Rainwater harvesting & water tank tips

Here are some excellent tips on how to plan, use and maintain a rainwater harvesting system as well as how to properly care for your rain water tanks. Choices, Choices Start with making a water budget, which will include knowing your average annual rainfall roof catchment area, cost and location of rainharvesting tank and your […]

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Q&A with the MD of JoJo Tanks South Africa

An interesting Q&A with Rod Cairns, MD of JoJo Tanks – South Africa’s foremost water tank manufacturer Is municipal water expensive in South Africa compared with other countries?

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Rain water harvesting: Technically illegal in some US states!

Harvesting rainwater and installing rainwater tanks or ‘rain barrels’ is technically illegal in some US states – watch the video below for the explanation. This seems unbelievable and the logic a little flawed!  Also see USA: Man sentenced to gaol for harvesting rainwater.  Luckily South Africans can harvest and store as much free rain water […]

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A Visual Tour of a JoJo Tanks Factory in South Africa

 JoJo Tanks are the largest plastic tank manufacturer in South Africa See a few pictures of a JoJo Tanks factory.  JoJo Tanks are the largest South African manufacturer of plastic water tanks, septic and chemical storage tanks for the agriculture, industrial and residential markets.

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