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The benefits of large water tanks vs impoundments for irrigation water

In many cases, irrigation water for golf courses, fields and farms is piped to a temporary storage site before being pumped to the irrigation system where it’s needed. A large poly water tank or a series of large water tanks can offer many benefits over a fixed concrete or earthen impoundment; here are some points […]

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Uses for 20000 litre poly water tanks

Plastic water tanks come in all shapes and sizes and the very large tanks such as the 20000 litre JoJo polyethylene water tank has a very useful water storage capacity for industrial, agricultural and public applications. The 20000 liter JoJo water tank is probably the biggest poly water tank available in South Africa.  There are […]

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Need Mega Water or Liquid Chemical Storage? Get a 20000 litre Poly Tank!

Sometimes a single large tank is a better solution to buying a few smaller tanks and connecting them in series; a 20000 litre tank is possibly the answer. The obvious requirement for large polyethylene water tanks in the 15000 litre to 20000 litre range is that sufficient space is available for the installation of the […]

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Australia: School eco-awareness program highly successful

Developing a sense of responsibility in schoolchildren to care for our environment has an important role in securing their future.

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Rain Barrels Save Money

If you are someone who enjoys gardening or has extensive landscaping in their yard, a great outdoor gadget to consider purchasing is a rain barrel. Rain barrels or rainwater tanks are containers which capture rainwater (usually from your gutter system coming down from your roof) which can be stored for use around your home and […]

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Q&A with the MD of JoJo Tanks South Africa

An interesting Q&A with Rod Cairns, MD of JoJo Tanks – South Africa’s foremost water tank manufacturer Is municipal water expensive in South Africa compared with other countries?

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Water shortages force Zimbabwean hospital to close theatre

Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo has been hit by a critical shortage of water, a development which has resulted in the referral centre shutting down its operating theatre.

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