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Water tank stands – some points to consider

Water tanks may need to be installed on water tanks stands for various reasons, the primary one being for water pressure. Here are some points to consider when buying and installing water tank stands: Always ensure that the tank stand is rated to support the size and type of water tank you want to install […]

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Water tank stands or booster pumps…or both?

When water tanks are installed, there is often a requirement for some extra water pressure. What is best? Tank stands or pressure booster pumps…or both? Where off-grid installations are concerned, water tanks will almost always be installed on fairly high water tank stands in order for pressure to be generated, via creating a ‘head’ of […]

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What makes the ideal rain water harvesting tank?

Rainwater can be collected and stored in all sorts of containers, including rain barrels, drums, water tanks, underground water tanks and cisterns and even disused swimming pools. However, there are certain criteria that make for better storage vessels. Most rainwater harvesting is conducted via the collection of rain water off the surfaces of rooftops, directed […]

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Water tank stands – steel or timber?

In South Africa, the two commonly encountered types of water tank stands are made from either steel or timber; which should you choose? Water tanks and tank stands often go hand-in-hand – water tank stands provide a level solid base for water tanks and enable water to be stored at an elevation to make use […]

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China risking water crisis due to coal power plants

BEIJING: Environmental campaigners Greenpeace urged China on Tuesday to review plans for a huge expansion in coal mines and power plants, warning of a water crisis in the country’s already arid north.

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How To Clean Your Plastic Water Storage Tank

Water tanks are used to provide plentiful and a reliable source of water. The water tank is important, especially during periods of emergency or drought situations. However, if a water tank is to be of positive value to the home or to the community, it must be clean in order to supply safe water for […]

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South Africa: 9 million kilolitres of water wasted

South Africa’s dwindling supplies of clean water are steadily going down the drain because of poor policing, theft, pollution, neglect and wasteful use.

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Water: The World’s Next Global Security Threat?

In 1990, the Voyager 1 space probe snapped a photograph of the earth. Made famous as a symbol of our common humanity and of a fragile planet, the image came to be known as the Pale Blue Dot. The dot was blue, of course, because its surface is wholly water. On day five of the […]

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Why you should harvest rainwater

Did you know that more than 80% of rainwater evaporates back into the atmosphere? When water evaporates through plants, (transpiration) it cools the atmosphere and biological diversity increases. Rainwater harvesting is not only a way to make the most of nature’s gift, but containing runoff from your roof and paving will also help improve the […]

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