How To Clean Your Plastic Water Storage Tank

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Whether used for rainwater storage or water from other sources, plastic water tanks should be cleaned and de-sludged periodically

Water tanks are used to provide plentiful and a reliable source of water. The water tank is important, especially during periods of emergency or drought situations. However, if a water tank is to be of positive value to the home or to the community, it must be clean in order to supply safe water for domestic purposes. Do you have a water storage tank that needs to be cleaned? This article will guide you on how to do it.

The first step when cleaning a water storage tank is to shut off the water supply. The shot-off valve is usually located along the water supply pipe near the water tank. However, if the water tank was designed to harvest rain water, there will obviously be no shut-off valve.

The next step is to open the drain valve on the water tank and drain out all the water from the tank. You may need to be patient as this may take some time, especially if the water tank is large in size. It is also advisable to attach a hose pipe to the drain valve to avoid eroding the soil around the tank. The hose pipe will enable you to direct the water into a drainage system or used for irrigation.

Now you can remove the access hatch at the top of the water tank. Enter the storage tank through the access hole and wash the inside of the tank using a pressure washer. First use only water to spray the interior of the storage tank. This will enable you to remove any large sediment on the walls and bottom of the water tank.

Next, you can add a detergent of your choice to the pressure washer. Thoroughly clean the entire interior of the tank, but if requires you may also clean the exterior part of the tank so that any cracks or damage can be seen. Rinse the water tank properly using clean water. Now you have a clean tank; close the drain valve and refill the tank and replace the access hatch.

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Also see Cleaning and Maintaining Water Storage Tanks. Depending on your water source, water tanks should be cleaned and de-sludged periodically to keep the water healthy and prevent blockages in plumbing and irrigation systems.  Rainwater is pure but the sediment on your rooftop can build up in your rainwater tanks.  Borehole and water from dams and rivers can also carry a high sediment load making it necessary to clean the water tanks perhaps twice a year.  Some plastic water tanks have manholes of sufficient diameter for an adult to enter the tank for cleaning purposes but it is usually better to use a pressure sprayer from the outside to dislodge any sediment and spray it toward the water tank’s drain valve.

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