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The Coming Global Water Crisis

What happens when demand for this essential resource starts exceeding supply in many parts of the world? The recent UN alert that drought in the Sahel threatens 15 million lives is a harbinger of things to come.In the next twenty years, global demand for fresh water will vastly outstrip reliable supply in many parts of […]

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What Does Eco Friendly Mean?

We encounter eco-friendly terminology everywhere nowadays: at the stores you visit, on the products you purchase, in the news you read, in eco friendly blogs and in casual conversation.  Over the past few years, environmental sustainability has become a hot topic, due partly to the buzz surrounding global warming.  People have become increasingly aware of […]

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Do the fish in our oceans matter?

It’s hard to imagine the world beneath the surface of the oceans, those vast areas of water like the Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic, where old maps proclaimed: ‘Here be dragons’. From land, the flat, blue-grey sea seems of minimal significance to our daily lives. But it is we who stand on the planet’s lesser part. […]

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Nanotechnology and Environmental Sustainability

Some of the most significant challenges facing global society in the 21st century involve the sustainability of the environment (water, soil and air quality), energy, health and food.  Existing technologies have had a profound effect on the environment, releasing formidable pollutants into the environment and depleting natural resources. Nanotechnology, the science of the extremely small, […]

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Choosing the Right Electric Car Batteries for the Future

One of the most important decisions facing designers of plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles is related to battery choice. Now, researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have used a life cycle analysis to examine three vehicle battery types to determine which does the best job of powering the vehicle while causing […]

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Green Oil?

Here’s a dirty secret from the clean industry: WE LOVE HIGH OIL PRICES! That’s right. When the rest of the world is in a panic over the rising economic and political costs of escalating oil prices, we’re thinking “expensive oil = green oil”. Why, you ask? Well… People re-consider consumption habits. For starters, check out […]

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Record-Low Ice, Even in the Winter Arctic: is Global Warming the Cause?

The seasonal freezing of Arctic sea ice appears to have peaked — but at a record-low extent. Every Summer, vast sheets of floating ice in the Arctic melt. And every Winter, those ice sheets re-form. But with climate change, fueled by greenhouse gas pollution, the annual cyclic has fallen out of balance. This summer, the […]

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What are The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power?

With all eyes on the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, questions are swirling in the U.S. about the future of nuclear power. If you’re new to the debate, read this to come up to speed on the basic arguments. The ongoing turmoil at the Fukushima nuclear power plant following the devastating earthquake and tsunami […]

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Climate Change Is Making Food Less Safe

While there has been extensive research on the effects of climate change on food security, less well-known is the effect of climate change on food safety. But new evidence suggests that climate change is already putting the safety of our food at risk, and that things are only going to get worse. Food security and […]

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