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Video: Simple laundry greywater irrigation system

Here’s a simple grey water system that diverts laundry water to a small water tank which is then immediately pumped out along a pipe to irrigate the garden. Be sure to check your local municipal laws before installing a similar system (no restrictions in South Africa). With grey water, when designing a system, always remember […]

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JoJo Tanks

An overview of some the types of poly storage tanks available in South Africa

There are many types and sizes of plastic or polyethylene water tanks available; here is an overview of what is available from one of South Africa’s best-known poly tank manufacturers, JoJo Tanks: Standard vertical tanks: These are probably the most common type of poly tank and probably the type that most are familiar with. Vertical […]

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Installation guidelines for JoJo poly septic tanks & conservancy tanks

JoJo polyethylene septic tanks and conservancy  tanks have very similar installation guidelines and procedure only deviates where specified. Note that septic tanks are designed to be installed with French drains while conservancy tanks are designed to be emptied/pumped out when full. DIG A HOLE SLIGHTLY BIGGER THAN THE SEPTIC TANK (200-300 cm all  around) 1. […]

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Choose the right storage tank for its intended use

Storage tanks are available in a bewildering array of types, sizes and brands; while many tanks can serve in multiple roles, there are some that are designed for specific purposes and there are situations where specific tanks should be chosen.  In South Africa, we recommend polyethylene tanks made by JoJo Tanks – they produce high […]

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Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are a great choice for the person that doesn’t want visual impact of the above ground water tank or is limited to space. There are several things to consider when deciding on which underground water storage system to use at your home or commercial property.

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VIDEO: How does a septic tank system work?

Many rural households rely on on-site septic tank systems for safe and efficient sewage treatment.  Watch this video to see how a septic tank system works. Septic tank size should be matched to the number of people in the household.  JoJo Tanks (South Africa) manufacture a range of plastic / polyethylene septic tanks and conservancy […]

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How a Septic Tank System Works

Septic tank systems Septic tanks are classic ‘bio-digestors’ that rely on anaerobic bacteria to break down human sewage wastes over a period of (at least) 21 days. Septic systems are used to treat sewage from (usually) single dwellings in districts where municipal Wastewater Treatment Works are not available. Larger systems are also used by rural […]

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