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Businesses in South Africa must take water efficiency seriously

South Africa is fast running out of the fresh water needed for myriad industrial processes, from food production to mining. More than 95% of the country‚Äôs available fresh water was already allocated by 2005. In South Africa, the ability at municipal level to deal with industrial effluent was “severely compromised”, Mr Lloyd-Jones, MD of hygiene […]

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NDP calls for the establishment of a national water agency

Cape Town – The revised National Development Plan (NDP) calls for the establishment of a national agency to manage the availability of enough water in South Africa. Describing water as potentially the biggest limit to growth in the economic and agricultural sectors, the document proposes to: “Establish a national water-resources infrastructure agency.” The brainchild of […]

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South Africa: Can the legal fight for clean water be won?

The government, not always obviously, and concerned environmentalists – who are increasingly resorting to courts in the face of a bureaucratic laissez-faire attitude to a clean environment – are directing their energies at keeping SA’s water clean, but whether they are fighting a losing battle given poor attention to essential maintenance is the big question.

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