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Solar PV has emerged as big Integrated Resource Plan winner

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies have emerged as the “big winner” in South Africa’s 20-year integrated resource plan (IRP) for electricity, which indicates that the PV solutions could deliver 8 400 MW of new capacity by 2030, a new report by Frost & Sullivan argues. The target could translate into the deployment of a “staggering” 300-MW-a-year […]

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9 Unconventional Ways to Harness Solar Energy

Solar power is certainly increasing in popularity, as studies show that the global PV (photovoltaic cell) market might have exceeded 16 GW in 2010. In comparison to wind power (which had a capacity of 175 GW in 2010) it is really meager, and in 2008 solar power actually supplied less than 0.02 percent of the […]

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Ready to Go Solar?

For many of us, solar power is most commonly associated with the installation of large solar panels on your roof or in your garden. But solar power has come a long way in the last few years, and we’re now seeing a significant increase in the number of solar appliances available to consumers. A growing […]

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Solar power breakthrough could reduce solar panel costs

Solar power is generated by photovoltaic cells, but two scientists are exploring different materials that could foster voltage from light’s magnetic effects. Scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered a new effect from an old property of light, which they say could lead to an “optical battery” that converts sunlight to electricity at a […]

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Why Even Climate Change Skeptics Should Go Solar

While many people think of solar technology as a part of the ‘green’ movement the idea of harnessing the sun’s energy via solar panels has been around since 1839. Solar technology has advanced a great deal since the early days and modern solar panels operate at a much higher efficiency and continue to improve. Whether […]

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Solar Energy Increases Home Value

Are you looking for ways to increase your home value? Well, I have an idea that will not only make the resale cost of your home increase, but it will actually save you money. I am talking about solar energy. Let me explain…

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Turning Energy Savings in London into Solar for Africa

We all know that energy conservation is good. And it is clear that solar can be a life saver in developing countries, as well as a great catalyst for improved school performance. But what if turning off the lights in your home or office could help someone in Africa turn theirs on? An innovative new […]

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23 Year Old Invents Solar-Power Fridge Being Used In Africa

23 year old Emily Cummins has invented a solar-powered fridge currently being used in Africa. It uses zero electricity to keep the contents at 43 degrees. Isn’t it amazing what some people do?

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ESKOM and WRC enter into a strategic research partnership

Recognising the strategic link between sustainable water management and energy generation, the Water Research Commission (WRC) and Eskom have agreed to enter into a strategic research partnership through a Memorandum of Agreement and the formation of a Joint Research Committee. Through this partnership, Eskom and the WRC will jointly fund and undertake research on topics […]

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