3 Emerging Green Technologies Leading to a Stronger Economy

solar energy

What you need to know about solar power, electric cars and robotics.

Elections come and go, yet the economy is still struggling. Campaign promises and the like are good sound bites, but is anyone really listening? One key to help our economy get back on track is new technology.

In fact, as we move towards more technological advances, our economy will be positively affected. Here are three green technology advancements that will propel our economy within the next few years.

1. Solar Technology: If you are a business or home owner you need to be paying attention to what is happening in this field. The price to install solar paneling on your roof is expected to drop dramatically as the price to produce and the effectiveness of the panels increase. If prices continue to decline at the rate they have over the past few years, the cost to go solar will be affordable by 2015. This means that if you are a homeowner, for the price of a new car, you can produce your own electricity.

Some leading manufacturers to look for are Siemens, Advanced Green Technologies, Sharp, Sunforce, Trina and Kyocera. There are many others that will only help in the competitive nature of this booming industry.

2. Electric Cars: By 2015 there will be a significant number of electric cars on the road. One only has to look at recent advancements and development in battery technology to realize how close this reality is.

There are a few factors that are in the electric automobiles corner. First, the better miles per charge batteries can get, the more marketable these cars become. As batteries get better, the car prices get cheaper. Price will be a big determining factor to the success of the electric car. With the new technologies, if prices can fall below $20,000, than they will be able to compete with gas.

Finally, what will help over the next five years is gas prices themselves. Like most finite commodities, prices will only continue to rise. Like we saw a few years ago, if prices creep to $4 a gallon and up, people will look towards the alternative.

3. Robotics: Not to sound too Sci-Fi, but robots are literally changing the way we do everything. From making cars to fighting wars, robots are playing big roles in how we conduct our daily lives. Manufacturing has been getting more sustainable and greener due to advancements in robotics.

Over the next five years we will see advancements in green technology that five years ago was only a pipe dream. As these dreams become a reality, it will be exciting to see what new discoveries and technologies we come up with. These three industries have the ability to help our economy broaden and diversify.

Source: thedailygreen

Solar panel technology advancements have outstripped energy storage technology (batteries) but this is rapidly catching up.  Solar power for homes is becoming a reality for South Africans, especially solar water heaters.  Solar geysers can reduce a household’s electricity bill by up to 50% and solar geysers typically amortize their cost within 36 months in South Africa.  Electric cars are green if they are powered by renewable energy; e.g. solar photovoltaic panels used to charge EV batteries.

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